Play with words

We express everything with words, even artists who paint, or composers who create music, they all need to describe their work in words, what the piece is about or what it means. Words will also lead us to them, because their names are written in words. In the world’s biggest museums, the biggest paintings or any type or art work is described in words, even a ‘no title’ is an expression. It’s words that set us different than everything else as humans.

I love writing, it takes me to a whole new dimension and I learn a lot about myself with every piece. I read once ‘I have many half-read books on my shelves … that’s what I love about books: they don’t go anywhere, they don’t turn their pages without me, they will wait for me until I am ready to be back to them’ I don’t remember if these were the exact words the person wrote but I remember it made an impact on me, because I have many of those unfinished books myself. I pick them up and read once it’s time again. The stories we read remove the complexities of our reality. That’s what writing is to me. It’s words that help me express simply the complexity of my reality. In French, there is a word I love and often use it’s called ‘défoulement’ it means an emotional release and escape, and this describes my state of being when I write. Words take me to my wild imagination, it’s with words I tell stories to myself and to others but of course words remain words, some text written on a piece of paper. How can I bring those words to life and give an entire new meaning to them so they could dance underneath a smiling moon?

Words are beautiful yet harmful. They have the power to make us instantly happy but they can also destroy us. Regardless of the pain or the joy, I see the beauty in the capacity to express, because it sets me free. We can bring anything to life with words. I can describe an idea to you and you will be able to picture it while you read me or listen to me. It’s as simple as that. We create life with words, how beautiful is that? I want to repeat it. I create life with words. So I better choose them wisely. What type of world I want to create for myself? I can say it and it comes to life. Simple. Nothing happens to us without our permission. The moments you sit on your own in your private space. Perhaps listening to music and enjoying the view of a tree or the sea or if you are sitting on your kitchen table listening to a music called ‘Synesthesia’ on a Sunday afternoon and you simply feel the flow to write. You start typing, you aimed for something with burn and fire, but the music is too gentle for you to write something other than this, not today, maybe tomorrow you think. You give in to the flow and just write something, and it’s at that moment you realise you can do whatever you set your mind to, and it sets you free… Then you question what’s holding you back?

Bring those words to life: Dismantle.

Spot the curls #Selfie