Politics And Bricks In The Wall, Step Back And Breathe

Besides being our number one carbon sink, the ocean invented life on our planet, Christyl Rivers

The old Pink Floyd song Another Brick In The Wall, talks about that which isolates us from others as we defend ourselves with a wall of alienation we build around ourselves to protect ourselves brick, by brick from the vulnerability we experience in a messed up world. It is also about walling off to protect ourselves from playing a pre-programmed part in a corrupt system.

There is lots of talk of walls these days, all the while in Western Democracy some forces are trying their best to wall themselves off from any sense of guilt, crime or corruption. Others are walling themselves away to protect from contamination. While still others are thinking of actual physical walls to keep out the “others” that have become the scapegoats for all that isn’t so great any more.

But it may be quite healthy to step back from all the walls. Breathe, walk in the sunshine (or rain) and get in touch with your senses.

Your senses are those strange and unfamiliar parts of your body, scent, vision, sound, feeling and belonging to a world that has little to do with the incessant push of partisan politics, and much to do the regeneration, healing and renewal available from real life.

You, and all your “enemies” too, belong to real life.

We so often forget that life is real. We get stressed out with all the hormonal flushes of rage, that induce fight or flight. All of this is normal for an in touch human being.

If you are not feeling them, maybe that’s a sign of trouble. But if you do feel overwhelmed, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your waking hours in a state of anxiety that disconnects from the physical world that makes your life happen. In fact, put on your own oxygen mask, before you would seek to help others with theirs.

Share, real food, fresh air, clean water. And beauty. Share that beauty with loved ones. Or strangers! Take time to love the living beings that make a biosphere support life. Yes, they are challenged by many factors today, but getting out to appreciate the living world makes reality worth defending.

Make the time to find natural beauty in the world today, thank those many beings and systems that sustain life. You will find more appreciation and reverence for life itself.

When someone says to you, “Life is a bitch and then you die.” Tell them, “It can feel that way, but life is actually a miracle that allows this planet, and you, to BE.”

That sun, and those stars reel around in a perfect way that pulls apple trees from the ground, provides every fish in the sea, mountain in the purple range, golden grain of rice, or bird on the wing. And everything else, as well.

That you are a child of the Universe in not is dispute. Go out and breathe life. It is what your trillions of mirco-organisms have arranged to make you exist, and it is your destiny to not only belong, but to remind yourself that you do. We are all connected, and that is how we will care for one another.

Set aside the bricks in your wall. Borders are lines on a map, something imagined quite recently to make you believe we are more different than alike. But, we all belong to the beauty of world where we are all family.