Porcelain Throne Meditation

Meditate when you “can.”

In the 80’s you read on the toilet.

In the 90’s you Palm Piloted on the toilet.

In the 00’s you texted on the toilet.

In the 10’s you check your Facebook feed on the toilet.

Now, this is weird, but there’s no better place to get in your 5 min meditation than the porcelain throne.

Stop for a sec and think about it. You’re there, you’re already sitting. You want something to do during this time. So close your eyes and meditate. Get it over with for the day. You won’t be distracted by many people. You’re left alone to your own devices. So put down the devices and just plain meditate.

Science has proved over and over how good it is for your brain. So make the time when you have the time. And, we ALL have the time I’m talking about.

Microstep: Take 5 minutes when you can. On the can. No phone. Close your eyes, follow your breathing. Do what you need to do.

Originally published at drsteven.com.