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Life Saving Travel Tips You Must Know Before You Jet-Set With Your Pet!

By Katy Cable-TWR
Give Me 4 Minutes To Help Your Pet

Yesterday I was shocked, horrified and completely heartbroken over the day’s top news story. A 10-week old puppy was tragically killed after a flight attendant demanded the owners place the pup in the overhead compartment. (For Full Story Click here: )

I’ve racked up a good deal of frequent flier miles both with and without my Pugs and NEVER have I seen a flight attendant demand a living creature of any kind, be placed in an overhead bin. (I have often wished they had done so with some of the unruly screaming kids and obnoxious passengers.)

Although this is dangerous for any puppy, the fact it was a French Bulldog and a brachycephalic breed (smooshed faced dogs who have difficulty breathing under normal conditions) makes it far more deadly. It’s so unfortunate nobody intervened and saved that precious pup’s life. My heart goes out to the devastated family.

It’s also completely shocking to me. When I fly with Olive, typically the entire flight crew is overjoyed and extremely accommodating. Jet Blue did everything short of giving Olive an upgrade to first class and a Filet Mignon on my last trip to NYC.

Next month I’m thrilled to be taking Olive on a weekend “Pugs-travaganza” called “Pugs Take Las Vegas! Think “Pugchella” with pug-aholics from all around the globe congregating in Las Vegas for round-the-clock parties, parks, pizza, PJ’s and party buses. Famous pugs, show pugs, rescue pugs, young and old pugs will unite and no-doubt, have an unforgettable time.

Nobody could be more excited about the shenanigans and fun Instagram opps, but more importantly, as a dog mom and health-blogger, I’m happy to educate fellow pug parents. My simple tips and tested products will not only save many of them a rent payment in vet bills, but also enhance their relationship with their pup.

As our group prepares for the upcoming adventure, I had planned on putting together some helpful travel tips. This horrible story reminded me that everyone traveling could benefit from a few tips that could be LIFE SAVING! At the very least, I hope they make travel easier and much more enjoyable.

1. GET THE “OK” FOR TRAVEL FROM YOUR VET: Nothing sours get-away fun like a sick or out of control dog. Especially when you’re away from home. Prior to making any travel plans, confirm your pet is healthy and in good enough shape to make the journey by having them examined by your vet. A quick check-up can save you a lot of headaches. Let your vet know how you will be traveling, and where your destination is. This is also an excellent time to have the vet check your pet’s microchip info. In addition to making sure your pet has all the necessary vaccinations and is cleared for travel, they may also have some excellent suggestions and remedies should your pet wind up with a parasite, carsickness, or minor medical issue.

2. KEEP THINGS CONSISTENT AND PACK ESSENTIALS: This is NOT the time to change your dog’s food or a cat’s litter. Familiar food, water, bedding and toys will help make your pet feel less anxious. Being in a new unfamiliar surrounding and giving your dog new food and treats can bring on major GI problems and that is the last thing you need. Pack extra medications/food/treats/so you’re covered should you run into a problem. It’s also a great idea to pack your pet’s favorite bed, toys and comforts.

3. BEFORE YOU LEAVE: Check your pet’s tag and microchip information are up-to-date with your CURRENT number. Should your pet go missing, you don’t want someone calling your home phone or an old number. Petsmart has a machine allowing you to make an inexpensive tag in the store if you need to update one in a hurry. Take a few minutes to research local emergency veterinary hospitals, or, at the very least, make sure your phone is loaded with an app that will find one for you. We all hope not to need that information, but the time to make sure it’s handy is before a problem occurs, not after.

Whether your vacation destination is only a short drive away, or involves a major road trip, these tips will come in handy:

  • PREPARE FOR YOUR JOURNEY: Some dogs enjoy riding in cars and won’t require much extra work on your part to make it an enjoyable experience. But others like my little Olive, get completely sick and out of control. As tempting as it is to have your dog on your lap or hanging their head out the window, I highly recommend keeping them restrained in a safe, cozy, crate or at the bare minimum a safety harness. If your dog freaks out or you run into a snag while driving, they can get in harm’s way and cause an accident. An unrestrained pet in the car can also be a major distraction. It’s difficult to have them restrained but safety is the number one priority. Make sure you pack a comfy bed they can relax on, a few toys they love and plenty of fresh water. I also love TREATIBLES* cbd treats which keep anxious pets calm during travel. -They also soothe upset tummies. For Olive, I simply cannot keep her calm without this!
  • TAKE YOUR DOG ON A WALK AND POTTY BREAK! While they’re at it, hit the bathroom yourself. There is nothing worse than having to use the world’s filthiest gas station bathroom in desperation.
  • CLOSE THE CONVERTIBLE & WINDOWS: If you’re driving through winter climates, this might not be an issue but out here in sunny So. Cal, it’s typically perfect convertible weather. I know it’s tempting to let your fur baby feel the breeze on their face and hang out the window, but it’s extremely dangerous! You run the risk of hitting the breaks and having your angel fly out the window or get hurt by flying debris.
  • GO EASY ON THE FOOD/TREATS & WATER: I love giving Olive small bites of kibble, but I monitor her intake. I don’t need her getting sick from consuming too much. Plus, the more your pet eats, the more they will need to use the bathroom and that can be difficult if you’re on the road. Again, some small bites of a kibble or a TREATIBLES* CBD biscuit can be a perfect snack.
  • PLAN LOTS OF PIT STOPS: Making pit stops every few hours and giving your dog a chance to stretch their legs, have a potty break and get some fresh air will make the trip much more pleasant. If you’re running in to use the bathroom or grab a bite, be mindful of leaving your pet alone in the car too long in extreme temperatures. Double check windows are rolled up and the car is locked and secure.

If your destination involves airplane travel, make sure you confirm your carrier’s rules regarding pets. Some breeds are not allowed by some airlines, in addition, many have weight restrictions and other fees/conditions. Double check the website and make sure you have any required vaccination and health papers they require.

  • BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS ON SLOW DAYS/TIMES: It isn’t always possible to control when you travel, but try to avoid the peak days. During the holidays, and increment weather every flight is crazy busy. Expect delays and packed flights. Regardless of when you travel, allow lots of extra time and come prepared with water, treats and amenities for your pet should their be a glitch in your plans.
  • GET A GOOD PET CARRIER: I highly recommend investing in a durable, comfy, carrier for your dog. I am OBSESSED with A PET WITH PAWS carriers. These carriers are fantastic! They’re made out of eco-friendly recycled plastic bottles and designed to resemble luxury handbags. They offer stability, versatility and ease. The carriers come with a removable, collapsible Pet-Trek®️ wheeling system which allows you to glide your pet effortlessly and keeps the carrier from tipping backwards while moving. It can be folded and the carrier will fit perfectly under the seat of an airplane. I suggest using the carrier prior to travel so your pet is familiar with it beforehand.

Traveling can be stressful under the best of situations, be mindful when bringing your pet into the mix. First and foremost be very clear about the arrangements beforehand so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises. Confirm the living situation is not only pet-friendly but pet SAFE! Remember not everyone may be comfortable with your dog. Pets will be more curious and possibly anxious in a new, unfamiliar place and may act accordingly. If there are other pets, that can pose an issue as well. Make sure you have a safe, secure place to leave you pet. I like to bring a collapsible metal crate for Olive. I fill it with her favorite toys and comfort items and also douse it in calming essential oils. I can cover the crate with a blanket and provide privacy and quiet or leave it open so she has a cozy retreat. While visiting a new place with your pet, be extra cautious. Check gates, windows and doors to make sure your pet cannot escape. Also double check that all medications, dangerous objects and food are not in harm’s way. Keep close supervision on your pet while in an unfamiliar living situation.

With some simple preparation and these easy tips, you will hopefully enjoy a stress-free, SAFE and wonderful travel adventure! To join the “Pugs Take Las Vegas” fun or learn more about any of the products mentioned click on their name to be directed to their site.

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