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Preparing for the Chinese New Year aka Lunar Year!

Happy Lunar Year, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I’m a huge proponent of living wiI’m a huge proponent of living with intention, which is why I love the practice of Feng Shui, especially in the preparation of the Chinese New Year.

It all started when I hired a Feng Shui consultant per the recommendation of a friend for a condo project that I had just started selling. I was having trouble getting that first unit sold, so I hired Gwynne Warner, my favorite Feng Shui consultant, to come and work her magic.

Everything about this woman is intentional and auspicious. From her bold red outfit, red purse, red hair, red lips to her loving and warm personality, amazing bear hugs, and more. She projected warmth, joy, and love everywhere she was.

We sat down in this minimally-staged condo and immediately got to work. We blessed the condo, the building, and the grounds of the complex with incense, chimes, orange peels, flowers, throwing rice, and intentions galore. Honestly, I felt like a goofball, but I was up for anything at this point as I didn't want to lose this project!

Gwynne then came up with a Feng Shui inspired game plan to add warmth to the building as it was very contemporary and cold. This is when the value of my art also came into play as she loved the energy it brought into the homes and how it also played a role in shifting up the space.

Even though many of the plans for painting with new colors, a new fence around the property and other specific and intentional changes were going to take some time and money, I knew they were worth it and would support a shift in the energy of this condo complex that I was representing. I was excited to get to work.

Within 24 hours of our blessing, me putting up my art pieces, and making calls to get bids on some of the work... we had our first offer and at full price! I was committed to intentional living with Feng Shui from this moment forward. It was magical. Those units had been sitting there for a month with not even one offer, I brought in Gwynne and immediately a condo went into escrow!

I started bringing Gwynne into all my listings that needed a little extra love, I brought her into my home, and even used Feng Shui in my businesses & marketing materials. She shared with me Feng Shui blessings and cures and instilled in me traditional Chinese New Years rituals which I'll share here.

These are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for the Chinese New Lunar Year. Bottom line, it all has to do with intention. When we act with intention, our dreams and desires manifest.

I'm only going to share some of the basic concepts, maybe you start with only a few of these practices... I promise whether you notice right away or over time... the changes you make will support you.

I also created a video HERE you can watch regarding my Feng Shui practice.

1- Turn on all your lights and open the windows (even if it's cold)

Grounding yourself with the knowledge that you are bringing pure light and love into your home and opening the windows to let out the stale air bringing fresh new opportunity into your home and life

2- Deep clean and organize your home

Use natural products and essential oils that smell beautifully to you. Don't hire a cleaner to do the work as this is about you bringing love into your home because you want your home to return love to you as well.

3- Break up any remaining stagnant energy

Once your home is cleaned and organized, go throughout the home with bells or pots and pans. Clamour them to make lots of noise as you walk through your home breaking up any stagnant energy that is there. I'm talking about noise throughout every corner of your home, under beds, behind doors, EVERYWHERE. All with the intention of creating momentum towards your dreams and desires and getting rid of all the stagnant energy that doesn't serve you.

4- Moving furniture

To take this to another level, move all your furniture 1-3 inches. Maybe you even re-arrange it. This is all about bringing new energy and life into your home to support your dreams.

5- Bringing in the good

Now that your home's energy has been completely shifted, walk through with your favorite incense or candle. Preferably use one of the natural essential oils. Bless your home with love and harmony and any other desires you want in your life. The scent floats throughout the home and dispells the stagnant air out the windows so you are now in a beautiful flowing space.

4- Intentions for Wealth & Relationships

If you want to take it up another notch, what projects are sitting around waiting for you to tackle them? Maybe you have some bills to pay and some debts as well. When you make larger payments toward your debts going into the new year you are showing your intention of being clear of your debts and bringing in new wealth and abundance to your life.

Now think of your relationships, are there any stale relationships that might need a little nurturing? When you share the love with others you are bringing in the intention of loving and harmonious relationships moving forward into the new year.

5- Beauty

Buy yourself some flowers today, particularly the most fragrant ones you can find. Allow these beautiful flowers to bring a smile not only to you, but your household, and also the home. I want you to feel good here!

6- Sweets

Have some rich dark chocolate today, you deserve some sweet goodness in your life. This is a life worth celebrating which leads me to the last one...

7- Gratitude

Practice gratitude all day long today. Being in a place of knowing how blessed you are, even when things are hard will lighten up your challenges. When we acknowledge the blessings in our lives, we are opening ourselves up to receive many many more. There is a bank of unlimited blessings just waiting for you to tap into!

This is only a small scale of Feng Shui New Years practices and I pray you take them on and enjoy! Let me know how your home feels when you operate from intentional living!


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