Purpose: A Synergistic Flow of Passion and Action

Purpose. What does it really mean? I have come to cognize purpose as alignment. It’s finding that beautiful and synergizing flow that the greatest seasons of life offer us. It’s those times along the journey when passion, wisdom, experience and the natural human need to evolve and progress are harmonized.

Purpose has not always fallen eloquently into my life. This has been a wandering of learning, collapsing, gathering, rebuilding and at times, what has felt like an endurance game of seeking and redefining self. My journey to ultimate purpose has been an enriching path filled with what I wholly believe to be intentional missteps and opportunities for profound, personal reinvention.

In my own life, purpose exists as a collaborative endeavor. There is no authentic embodiment of purpose without passion and inspired action. My purpose has defined itself in an eclectic concert of personal development, meditation, yogic philosophy and a holistic approach to whole life abundance. As an entrepreneur, living this purpose requires constant acknowledgement of what inspires and nourishes me personally, paired with progressive daily action to transform these passions into tangible results. I have learned, that like the seasons, we are ever evolving and a perpetual state of self- awareness is essential in maintaining a prolonged commitment to holding our purpose in the highest reverence.

Simply put, I don’t believe mediocrity when finding and living one’s purpose is up for discussion. I do believe that when we make the intentional decision to walk the path of personal growth, it serves as the greatest inspiration to live out our purpose fully within each and every day. It shifts our perspectives towards ourselves and the world around us, it makes taking an empowered stand for our purpose the absolute truth for our lives.

In purpose, I have found my own meaning of life and a sense of gratitude I hold with great endearment. I’ve come to profoundly understand that when we discover and are brave enough to stay rooted in our purpose, all life’s details fall carefully and energetically into place. It’s in this space I believe we find a harmony of unyielding strength and graceful inspiration to live lives of both impact and significance.

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