Purpose-driven Financial Educator, Tearanie Wilson-Parker, Helps Others to Level The Playing Field in New Book, “Funding an Empire: What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me About Money

Tearanie Wilson-Parker

From birth to the time we leave the nest, we as people are perpetuating the habits both taught and learned from our families. Quotes like “Do as I say, not as I do,” are spoken without thought, and in the mind of a child–this is confusing! In the average American household, money is the subject no one likes to talk about. And as one gets older, discussing bank accounts, streams of income and telling truth about our financial status is all but embarrassing, so it never happens. Why is it that the one thing we all need the most is the one thing we discuss the least?

Money. We want it. We need it. Some of us just never seem to have enough of it. Or do we?

In her new book “Funding an Empire: What My Parents Didn’t Teach Me About Money,” financial educator and business woman, Tearanie Wilson-Parker, is empowering individuals to want to learn more about managing their finances to change the course of their lives. Tearanie asks tough questions about money that make you face the issue you may have, and compels you to admit that your money problems just didn’t start when you got your first job. According to Wilson-Parker, your relationship with money started the first time you watched your dad sigh as he looked at the pile of bills on the table after a hard day of work. Your problems with money intensified when you saw your school friends with the newest clothes and shoes, while you still wore your shoes from last school year. Your relationship with money faltered when you decided never to ask for anything because your mothers response was always “We can’t afford that!”

One thing I learned from Funding an Empire is this: You cannot multiply what you cannot manage! Using Tearanie’s “M.I.S.S.” formula (make, invest, save, spend), I’d like to share four ways reading this book has shifted my mindset and attitude about my own personal finances.

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1. Make money.

This year I have added three additional means of bringing in money. I’ve never wanted to be a “Jack of All Trades and the Master of None,” so I’ve fingered out three ways to extend my income by doing things I already do, but this time, adding a price tag to them. Just like that, money is made. I’ve learned to work smarter, not harder.

2. Invest money.

For many years, the word invest scared me. I had conditioned myself to think that the only way to invest was to hire an expensive Wall Street broker or to have a 401k with an employer. As a full-time business owner, I’ve had to be creative and start small. I located simple apps that allowed me to save small amounts while I learn and practice investing at a low level. Now, I’m a proud to say that I’m an investor.

3. Save money.

Just like investing, saving seemed like a lost cause. I’d let my savings get up to where I wanted it, then I’d “treat” myself and wipe out the account in the same of “living it up.” Now, I put money in places where I can’t touch it. And for me, that means giving it to one of my sisters to hold. They’ve mastered saving so well that they have become my safe-keepers! I’m working to intentionally save more, and to save with a purpose in mind to give myself a “why” to keep me on the right path.

4. Spend money.

Tearanie made me smile with this step: SPEND! I love to spend my hard-earned money; but now, I spend for a reason and with a purpose. Sure, I still splurge on eating out or adding a new accessory to my wardrobe every now and again, but not like I used to. I actually think about what I am about to purchase before I pick it up. I ask myself if this buy will matter to me in three days? Or if I can do without it for another few weeks. If a purchase will not better my lifestyle, I think hard before making it.

See–money doesn’t have to be complicated! We just make it that way. Tearanie Wilson-Parker has changed the game by offering her readers applicable information they can use to get their finances in order sooner than later, and I am grateful for her insight.

To find out more about Tearanie Wilson-Parker and “Funding an Empire,” visit her online at: www.fundinganempire.com