Push-Out Workday Stress

Three quick ways that you can beat the stress of your workday.

Saliba Faddoul
Apr 8, 2019 · 2 min read
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Stressed out in the middle of the work day? Bad, but it doesn’t have to be disastrous to your entire day. It’s not disastrous, in my opinion, because you don’t have to stay stressed out. Here are my three really quick tips that you can use to destress at work.

  1. Tea is awesome and it is naturally a soothing agent. A small cup or warm tea can help to relax your mind, your body, and your muscles in just a few short minutes. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to start the day.
  2. . So this is one that I really love because TV is amazing, but then again No problem switch TV in with . A podcast in my opinion, is better than music because it gets you to focus on words and things that are actually happening. Instead of being hit with the calming beats of a song you’re going to be getting information, and for me if it is interesting enough, the stress will just melt away.
  3. A lot of people like to binge eat when they are stressed out, but they always gravitate towards the unhealthy foods. I recommend something good, but not unhealthy. By this I mean something with chocolate isn’t going to kill you as long as it is attached to a bar that doesn’t have 22g of sugar. I know this is about de-stressing, but you shouldn’t ignore your physical health in hope of healing your mind for a moment.

I digress though, the point of the matter is that de-stressing while sitting at your desk is something that can happen. You don’t have to run home, leave work, or become even more stressed out. Try these three things and tell me what you think.

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