Quit Your 9–5 Job, Faster

Learn the 3 common actions of those who quit and stay out of their 9–5s

Let’s face it, if you’re thinking about quitting a job there’s probably some fear about how to make at least as much money as you’re currently making at your 9–5, right?

I get it. I was ruled by that same fear for years before I finally quit my job. But, when I finally did, I replaced my income in the first month. I’m not promising that will happen with you, but I am saying IT’S POSSIBLE. I could have quit sooner, but fear and lack of focus driven by those fears were holding me back and delaying the inevitable.

I want you to quit SOONER, so let’s cover my top 3 tips to replace your income so that you can quit your 9–5.

Tip to Quit #1: Decide on one idea

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often when women come to me, they are trying to succeed with 2, 3 or even 4 business ideas at once, plus working in their full-time job.

The roots of the word “decide” literally mean “to cut off,” so it often produces a lot of fear and we avoid it or constantly waffle to avoid potentially missing out on something.

If you’re throwing a bunch stuff against the wall in the hopes that something will stick and be the thing that succeeds, you’re spending too much time exploring all their options, and testing multiple new business ideas simultaneously is not the most strategic way to spend your very limited time or to get you the results you desire.

You don’t have to commit to this for the rest of your life (you’re not getting a tattoo!) but what if you commit solely to one idea for the next 90 days?

With that focus, you give momentum a chance to build, snowball and beat that scattered and unclear feeling.

Confused people don’t buy, so keep it as straight-forward as possible — choose one idea, make 1 offering (or 2 at the most), and get known for that thing.

Tip to Quit #2: Create and sell premium-priced services

Speaking of those one or two offers… You need to get your value straight and price accordingly, not based on what everyone else around you is doing or what you think people in your area will pay for.

Create a premium-priced, value-packed offer based on what you’re good at, how you like to work and where you shine (your “Zone of Genius,” as Gay Hendricks, PhD. calls it in his outstanding book, The Big Leap). Hustling a lot of tiny, one-off services is going to take a lot more time and energy than a couple of premium-priced goods or services.

It comes down to a numbers game, and if your audience is small, wouldn’t you rather be selling a few higher-priced packages than a few low-priced info-products? You’ll also learn how to sell in a way that feels good for you, and that will serve you perhaps more than any other skill as you build your business.

Tip to Quit #3: Focus only on money-making tasks

Do you know exactly what moves you forward in your business, and are you working on THOSE exact money-making tasks every day?

Do you know how to attract clients right now? If you’ve had paying clients before, how did you get them in the past?

Or, instead, are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to do something you heard from one expert and another strategy you heard from someone else you follow, and then finding yourself sitting down at the computer (when you do finally carve out some time) and feeling so scattered that you wind up scrolling through Facebook instead?

There’s a lot of busy work that feels necessary but is not directly money-making. Keep yourself focused on your actual money-making tasks, and let those be enough while you’re building your business on the side, or you’ll waste a lot of your precious time “working on your business” but not moving forward in your number one goal of replacing your income. Let go of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and focus on money-making tasks.

This strategy will serve you well even when you’re out of your 9–5, because even when your time is freed up, the more focused you are, the faster you can grow your business.

And, if you don’t yet know what those tasks are, make it a priority to figure them out ASAP, so that you can use your limited time wisely and efficiently.


So, let’s recap. If you have a deep desire to quit your 9–5 and build a business that you can run out of your home, you need to drop the fear of replacing your income and get focused with realistic and effective strategies. Start by deciding on ONE idea — basically, you need to pick a lane. Then create and sell premium-priced services instead of low-cost, one-off products. Finally, spend your limited time you have for working on your side-hustle by focusing as much time as possible on money-making tasks.

Are you finding yourself lost in distractions, ruled by fear? Today take the first step toward a strategic, mindful path that will lead to quitting and staying out of your 9–5 for good.

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