Re-defining Failure

I was once ashamed of my repeated failures.

I thought I was worthless.

My definition of Failure used to be “Anything short of achieving the goal”.

It was an extremely binary thinking. Either I succeeded, or failed.

One day, in the nature wilderness, my mind cleared up.

I asked myself 🤔

“What if I change my definition of ‘Failures’ and ‘Goals’ ?”

“What if I shift the focus away from the outcome, and onto the process?”

I re-defined failure as “Not taking action + not incorporating prior learnings.”

Then, the only way I can fail is if I stopped trying.

I believe achieving a goal (desired outcome) is simply by following the correct steps, so in essence, reaching the goal is an iterative process.

Every action taken will result an outcome, then you compare the Actual Outcome (AO) with the Desired Outcome (DO), if it’s different, then ask yourself “What did I learn and what can I do differently next time to get closer to desired outcome?”

Science Experiment

The simplified process is like scientific #experiment:

1. Take Action

2. Compare Actual Outcome vs Desired Outcome, 
if different, go to 3. 
if same go to 4.

3. Celebrate you took action! Reflect on what you learned & what you can change to get closer, get advice & feedback, go to 1.

4. Yay! Celebrate! 🙌

So, what do u do when you ‘fail’? Go to Step 3.

You should always be proud of yourself for taking honest action regardless of outcome. Outcome is beyond your control, put 100% focus into the ‘doing’.

“I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying” Michael Jordan

Consistent action that gets us towards our desired outcomes.

How do you define #Failure?

Take Action Today!

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