Recurring Negative Thoughts

How I’m uprooting them and moving to positive

(This a sequel to the original vine story shared here.)

The vine came back. The one that I pulled up this spring, that choked last year’s hostas. It wound its way upward around the base of a few stems still shy of the buds that will soon bloom purple. I wasn’t mad that the vine came back.

I was reminded of my thoughts. The way that certain negative ones come back. How I’m getting better at recognizing them when they return. Seeing them for what they are, discarding them, and moving onto positive.

Calmly and gently pulling up the vines, tracing the thin coil down through the tall hostas, I admired the hostas. I felt some pride and love for them. I am not a green thumb but I can see the attraction to gardening, to raising and nurturing the growth.

I believe that we have to nurture a positive mindset. That the more we do so, the less that the vines and the weeds and the monsters and the madness affects us. We become able to move more quickly to positive.

What potentially reactive situation have you handled with calm acknowledgment and moved on from?

I didn’t consider photographing the vine as I removed it so the photo above shows the hostas as they look now. Uninhibited.

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