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Relationships for Raising Global Consciousness

Could beginning a relationship with a complete stranger be a way to raise global consciousness?

Well surprisingly, the answer is, “yes!” Back in 2008 there was a specific day where you assisted me in fulfilling a commitment I made not only to myself, and those close to me, but also a commitment I have made publicly for many years…

As a speaker and facilitator year after year I have stood on the platform with a mind and a heart that is full and spilling over with excited to share not only my widely accumulated knowledge but also the mission that had evolved out of my purpose.

It’s a mission that until I fully stepped into it seemed vague even to me. Nonetheless, even though the form may have changed (a little) I can say that I am still deeply connected and committed to. That mission has been and will continue to be to; Raising Global Consciousness!

I can already hear you saying the very same thing I would: “what the heck does that mean?” The short answer is to have each and every individual become aware of and in the most practical manner fully embrace the brilliance of who they truly are at a heart, mind and soul level.

I have said for years that there are certain main themes through which I serve: Beliefs, Resonance, Relationship and how these things determine not only our leadership but also our lives.

It is my belief, (not necessarily the truth) that the results of our life are the results of our Resonance and our Relationship.

The relationships we have ultimately determine not only how we see ourselves but also how we see the world.

Relationships Are The Backbone of All Beliefs

Ponder this: The world is run based on varying sets of beliefs and relationships are the backbone of all belief. Think about it: how did you come to believe anything? The answer is obvious when you now stop and think about it: You came to believe what you at least initially came to believe because you were in a relationship with someone who directly or indirectly gave you an opinion and from those opinions, you formed beliefs.

Consciously and unconsciously, our beliefs dominate our thoughts and the feelings that they bring up. The result is that those thoughts and feelings become what we resonate out to the universe. And what we resonate we attract.

To grossly oversimplify it:

What we resonate, we attract as relationship, and what we attract as relationship determines what we resonate.

Back in 2008 we did the world’s first one-man 24-hour web-a-thon to raise money for the Oxfam Charity. We successfully raised thousands of dollars.

However, something unexpected happened: We received interaction in the form of donations, questions, and passionate comments from people around the world who said things like “it was addictive and very hard to turn off”. Many commented on how much positive impact the broadcast had on them.

One gentleman (I believe that he was Singapore) said he had been working with a number of teachers and in just two answers to the questions that he had sent in, I had cleared up what he had been working on for 6 years.

We had people watching and writing in from all around the world: Singapore, Canada, England, New Zealand, Rumania, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Israel, India, France, Germany, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, and The USA, just to name a few.

The point is we set out to raise money for the Oxfam charity and ended up raising global consciousness and it was all done through building relationships.

In order to continue building those relationships, I have decided to host a live leadership show on my facebook page for you and your friends as my way of saying thank you for our relationship.

As I said; “we” made history because through our relationships we came together and raised global consciousness. I look forward to building our relationship and I’m excited to see who you introduce to me next.

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With gratitude,
Dov Baron…

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