Joe Jacobi

#Expect Respect: Right on, Joe … Write on, Joe

It’s Olympic Season and we’re seething.

Bashing. Hashing. Tagging. If this is the new sport-du-jour everyone’s a winner and a loser.

There’s a different kind of medal to be won now … with a different kind of emphasis to be placed … with a different kind of satisfaction to be gained. In this award everyone has already won by virtue of the value we give to Self and Other. That may be cliche — but it outruns the current competitor any day.


Have you noticed a trend in the Human Sport these last epochs? Seems we’re emphasising externals without having yet mastered the internals. Competition and Conquest have been our driving human motif — from ancient tribal wars to current political tweet wars, we’re distorted about what we’re rewarding and why.

It’s like the Human Race has been running a madcap race to a non-existent finish line on broken legs (read: broken spirit). And because we’re now running amok, we may now be running ourselves to the ground with an actual finish line that will finish us all by unconscious and unconscionable design.

The meltdown and breakdown of the broken Human Spirit of late — from Olympian Abuse to failed hierarchal archetypes within Show Biz, Government, Education, Religion etc. — become yet further seismic wakeup calls in the series of History Repeating. So how deep will the lessons penetrate this time ‘round? How low must we bow to our Ego before we restore our very broken Whole?

Competition is inherent to the Human Condition. So is Compassion. Neither need annihilate the other. It’s not Either Or. It’s MORE. But Society hasn't witnessed what this healthy model of MORE looks like. Maybe the histrionics we’re now seeing is seeding a future generation that breeds the new model into being.

MORE is a dynamic force — teamwork at it’s best. The arm AND the leg (of the human body). The electric guitar AND the flute (of the symphony — yeah why not, a “modern” symphony). The Asia AND the America (and India, Russia etc. of the global body). Maybe it’s more Simpol than we think.

The global soul is hurting. We’re hurling insults and injury at each other as we uncover the unpleasant face of our current Global Selfie. And initially maybe that’s necessary.

But there’s more than meets the “I”.

Let’s dare to see intuitively … bigger, gentler, deeper, truer. Let’s put the human back in Humanity and redefine Winner from a base of INNER strength. Let’s choose the healthy race from this essential place.

Let the games begin.