RX pet Foods…A prescription for disaster?

Exciting new options for pets requiring special diets

By Katy Cable-TWR
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I am REALLY ANGRY! Several days a week I work as a brand ambassador for Nulo pet food at PetSmart stores. Not a day goes by when I don’t run into many worried, frustrated pet parents trying to help their ailing dogs and cats. What drives me BONKERS is watching them shell out an average of $50–90 on bags of prescription kibble in an effort to treat many common conditions.

Perhaps it strikes a chord because I WAS one of those pet parents. My pug Raisin was suffering from chronic bladder infections and his vet recommended an RX urinary formula food. Well the food worked wonderfully in stopping urinary problems, but it quickly brought on a host of other equally troublesome issues.

When I started volunteering with shelters and rescue groups, I had my eyes opened. I witnessed complete transformations and miraculous healing in sick, compromised dogs all due to a simple change in diet. I watched what happened when pets were fed grain/corn/soy/GMO free meals consisting of human-grade animal and fish protein, low glycemic carbs and probiotics. It blew my mind. I learned that a pet’s nutrition is one of the most crucial defenses in their health and most RX foods are over-priced bags of junk.

When I purchased my first bag of RX food, the first thing I did was look at the ingredients listed on the label. When all I saw was brewers rice, wheat, corn gluten-meal, chicken by-product meal, and a host of other things I couldn’t pronounce, I was puzzled. I asked the vet, “What are the medicines or active ingredients in this to treat my dog’s condition?” All I could see were sugary, starchy carbs and poor quality proteins. There appeared to be no difference between this high-priced kibble and nearly every other food on the market. The vet explained that although there is no medicine in the food, it is specially formulated to treat certain conditions. So in my case, it was designed to prevent urinary crystals from forming.

My next question was, “If there is no medicine in this food, why do I need a prescription to purchase it? My vet said, “The reason it requires a prescription from a vet is because these formulas do not provide the right nutritional balance for an otherwise healthy pet. If a pet parent were to buy and feed this food to a healthy dog it could be dangerous. We want to monitor pets living these conditions and eating these specially formulated foods”

I still cringed at spending so much money on this poor quality RX food and wished there was an option that had the formulation my dog needed but was comprised of higher quality ingredients. With all the starchy carbs, it seemed I would be fixing one problem only to create others. And in my case (and so many others) that’s exactly what happened. Although Raisin never suffered further urinary problems, instead he was on constant antibiotics for ear infections, yeast infections, and other medical issues.

Great news! It took a few years but now there is that perfect option. And it’s called: Just Food For Dogs! If your vet recommends a “big brand” prescription food for obesity, weight-control, allergies or tummy issues, I would ask them about trying Nulo, Only Natural Pet, Nature’s Variety, Stella & Chewy, Just Food For Dogs or another human-grade, premium specialty food. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of money for poor-quality pet food. It’s typically loaded with sugary carbs, that will probably do more harm than good when it comes to your dog’s long-term health.

If your pet suffers from a chronic condition that could be life threatening, such as pancreatitis, diabetes, liver shunt, kidney stones or renal problems, I would consider trying Just Food For Dogs. You may be familiar with them if you’re from So Cal. JFFD is a unique place that makes fresh, human grade food formulated for dogs. It’s basically a stand alone store with a working kitchen in plain view. What began as a single location on Pacific Coast Hwy in the beautiful town of Newport Beach, has now grown to include 10 locations throughout CA. Pet parents can stop in and purchase a variety of fresh pet foods, supplements and treats. The best part is JFFD offers an RX line for common conditions. These specially formulated diets are roughly the same price as many other popular commercial brands, however JFFD uses only fresh, premium, human-grade ingredients.

With a team of 8 vets specializing in nutrition on staff, custom food formulations can also be created for specific issues such as cancers, or extreme allergies. These diets may or may not contain actual medications and are created based entirely on your dog’s blood panels. If you’re interested in giving this option a try for your dog but you’re not from this area, all products, including RX foods and custom formulations can be ordered online or by phone and shipped to your door.

Another pet food company offering high quality RX diet options using premium ingredients is: Darwin’s Intelligent Design™ Veterinary Formulas. These foods actually do contain beneficial nutraceuticals for specific medical conditions. This company comes highly recommended by many vets who have specialized backgrounds in nutrition.

The other option for pet parents requiring special diets for their dogs is to consult with an integrated holistic vet. These vets specialize in the role nutrition and other natural alternatives play in healing/preventing various medical conditions. In addition to western medicine, other natural alternatives are incorporated into treatment plans. To find an integrated holistic veterinarian in your area visit: https://www.ahvma.org/find-a-holistic-veterinarian/

I want to set the record straight and put a stop to the misconception that these big commercial RX foods are the best and only way to go. I saw with my own eyes you don’t need to spend a lot of money on RX foods and in many cases they do more harm than good. Many health conditions can be cured or greatly reduced with higher quality nutrition. The best part is, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

​Here’s wishing you a long, happy, HEALTHY life for your beloved pet. 💕💕🐾

Pugs & Kissez, Katy Cable 😘


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