I love myself — how about you?

What do you say to yourself when the world quiets down at night? Or when someone insults you or questions your integrity? Do you buy-in to their words or do you denounce the ridiculousness of their comments and show yourself love and compassion?

More importantly, how do you feel when you speak to yourself?

If you feel nervous, anxious, timid, or self-doubt, then you are praying to experience more of this feeling. On the other hand, if you feel love, warmth, happiness, and certainty, you are commanding your subconscious mind to believe this is how you feel, constantly.

Inside your head, there are many secrets. This is your sacred space. When you speak to God — or Universe — or anything up above, think about the state of mind you seek before you do. If you’re anything like me, it’s the truest, most transparent version of yourself. So, why do we ‘think’ it’s ok to feel and be different throughout the day?

Are we any less accountable to the same higher power? Strangely, many of us think our words and feelings can only be heard during prayer, but that’s not how it works. In other words, every thought and feeling we have is prayer; when we direct it to ‘up above’, we are deliberately seeking guidance, but the message is no more clear or hazy. It’s exactly the same.

Think of your internal dialogue as sacred prayer and you’ll find your life improves instantaneously. If for no other reason, your subconscious mind only knows present tense, not future or past. So, when a change is commanded/demanded, our subconscious minds take note, make a change, and alter our moods, feelings, and existence.

Your thoughts are physical. Your feelings are intentional. Your life is a manifestation of both.

Today’s lesson: The next time you want something to change, change your internal dialogue, and thereby change how you feel about your circumstances.

I’m so grateful for you,


Originally published at on May 31, 2017.

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