Setting Goals

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I have gotten into the the habit of setting goals for almost everything large and small in my life — whether it is health, relationships, work, spiritual, physical, moral, or material: you name it. This has become my way of developing my sense of responsibility towards my life’s possibilities and my potential. It is a way for me to strengthen my determination and my commitment muscles. I believe that if I put my mind to it, if I have a complete clear vision of it, if I have a good plan of action and I stick with it, rain or shine, I am bound to get there and easily turn a wish or a dream into a reality.

I use setting goals as my compass to direct me to where I should be in life. I look at it as the blueprint of how I want my destiny to work out for me. I also know that to accomplish a goal, I need to be completely present and alert. So during these times, I act as my own personal trainer, personal assistant, spiritual and financial advisor. I act as my own coach and my own cheer leader. I try to create stability, calm, and balance in my life by eating well, sleeping plenty, and enjoying my friends and family and everything beautiful all around me.

Once I set a goal, I am always certain that I am bound to encounter some kind of detour ahead. The truth is that anything worth achieving in life comes to us with a list of difficulties and obstacles. Thus, I try to come up with my own list of solutions for all the problems I am about to face. I approach this with the awareness that I can always reach out and bring others to my story — give them a role to play and enjoy sharing my journey with them — if the obstacles in my way happen to become just too huge for me to handle on my own.

I always try to choose my goals to be attainable and realistic, so that I am not overwhelmed. I divide it in small pieces and take small steps from its start point towards its finish line, one day at a time. I give a deadline to each part of my plan, as to what I should have achieved: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

I examine my achievements and set backs regularly. I write daily notes to myself and fine tune my plan often. If I have to, I make quick small alterations to it based on my newly learned experiences along the way.

I try not to have self doubt. I try to act and live in complete positivity. Once I set a goal for myself, I work on getting rid of any procrastination and giving priority to take care of the most challenging part of my plan first. I do this in order to boost my belief in myself and my self confidence and also to avoid experiencing fear of failure. I have learned that failure is only a process for success. The difference between us as losers or us as winners is only our reaction and our perception to the set backs we encounter on the way of achieving our goals and how well we deal with them.

I definitely believe in setting goals and having a plan for whatever in life we want to achieve. Accordingly, I also believe that success is easier then failure.

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