Seven Ways Quantum Computing Can Change The World

Yitzi Weiner
Jan 10, 2018 · 5 min read

IBM, Microsoft, and Intel are racing to develop a quantum computer. Some say that the first such machines will be ready as soon as this year. I reached out to seven experts to explain how quantum computing can change the world as we know it.

Create life-saving medicines and solve some of science’s most complex problems

Quantum computing will revolutionize Artificial Intelligence(AI). The basic principle of AI is that the more feedback you give a computer program, the more accurate it becomes. This feedback calculates probabilities from many possible choices and results in the program displaying “intelligence”and improved performance.

Quantum computers rapidly analyze huge quantities of data so they can significantly shorten the AI learning curve. If technology becomes more intuitive it will create huge impact in every Industry. We’ll be able to do things we never thought possible from creating life-saving medicines to solving some of science’s most complex problems.

Andrew Spence, CEO of

Real conversation with AI

Quantum Computing will change artificial intelligence by giving massive computing power to enable a faster and more robust AI especially in natural language processing and general AI. we have accomplished a great deal just in the past few years with the current advances in computing power. Quantum Computing is leaps and bounds more advanced than anything we have today. An AI on a Quantum Computer has the potential to hold a real conversation with humans and actually understand what is being said.

Dr Tim Lynch, Psychsoftpc

Help create more energy-efficient materials, better weather forecasting, and better financial modeling

Imagine the most powerful computer you could possibly build. Then build a trillion identical copies — each operating in parallel dimensions. This is the premise of quantum computing, which uses the fundamental laws of quantum physics to perform an incomprehensible number of calculations simultaneously. The Universe is finally letting us use Her calculator. This “4th Industrial Revolution”, as dubbed by Morgan Stanley, will yield explosive opportunities for both science and industry. Immediate applications include synthesis of new drugs and more energy-effcient materials, as well as weather forecasting, financial modeling, and other applications of Artificial Intelligence. But as with any new technology, the most exciting applications are those which we cannot yet even conceive.

Dr. Mark Jackson, Science and Business Development Officer at Cambridge Quantum Computing

Significant threat to cyber-security

The power of quantum computers will dwarf our current processing capabilities, ushering in a new era of knowledge and discovery.. On the downside, that power poses such a significant threat to cyber-security that we are going to have to completely rethink the way we secure commercial transactions (and all other data transfers) or none of them will be safe. Fortunately, quantum cyber-security is already tackling that challenge with advances including quantum key distribution, quantum safe algorithms and true random numbers. The race is on and time is beginning to get tight!

John Leiseboer, CTO of quantum cyber-security company QuintessenceLabs

Threaten online banking transactions, all our communications, driverless cars and even our elections

Quantum Computing will force us to re-think the fundamental paradigms of our digital security. Known quantum computer attacks — which are just waiting for an actual quantum computer to appear — will break much of today’s widely used cryptography. Why do we care? Because this crypto underpins the security of just about everything we now take for granted: from online banking transactions, to all our communications, to the trust we have in our driverless cars and even in our elections. Without this fundamental digital trust, democracy is vulnerable. Luckily there are solutions for quantum-safe cryptography. They need to be implemented soon. The alternative is that the quantum computer will indeed alter our life, but maybe not the way we wished for.

Gregoire Ribordy, CEO, ID Quantique and co-Chair of the Clous Security Alliance, Quantum-Safe Security Working Group

No trading

Let’s face it — quantum computing will make human trading obsolete. We witnessed what high-frequency trading did to the competitiveness of primate-descended actors in the financial markets. Quantum algorithms are going to take that electronic advantage to a whole new level.

Today’s financial markets are extremely inefficient. Every actor makes decisions based on woefully incomplete information. However, quantum algorithms will be able to scan massive databases almost instantly, consuming mountains of financial data in milliseconds and producing actionable suggestions in less.

Imagine being able to know every fact about every market on the planet. Now imagine streaming that information as soon as it’s possibly available. No human individual (or group) will be able to compete. The opportunities for arbitrage will be endless. But only for the holders of the quantum keys and those with unparalleled access to the data.

Alex Solo

With deep learning computers can see, recognize and interact with the outside world

Nowadays I invest only in companies that are solving a real customer problem by applying artificial intelligence. My focus is in deep learning using TensorFlow from Google.

I am convinced that this factor will be the one that generates the new big companies of tomorrow because thanks to deep learning now computers can also see, recognize and interact with the outside world.

This will be the new revolution after internet and mobile.

Cristian Rennella

Thrive Global

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