Sex Degrees of Separation

Mankindness in The Age of Sexual Harassment

Sometimes Mankind behaves like a bunch of animals … yet even mighty beasts have the capacity for tenderness in the face of their power — and so do we.

Once upon a time there lived a feisty three …

The penis, the vagina, and the struggle with the We.

The penis liked to poke … the penis liked to play …

The penis liked to provoke in its power kinda way.

The vagina liked to flirt … the vagina liked to play …

The vagina liked allure in its provocative vaggie way.

The penis had a brain which it referred to apres sex,

Once the hormones of these hormans had a chance to first express.

The vagina had a mind which was swathed in innuendo,

’Cause it savoured the allure of slow & steady crescendo.

When penis met vagina penis mostly saw the chase …

And the power of the pleasure of a fresh ejaculate.

When vagina met the penis vagination ruled her kind …

And the pleasure of the power of imaginative minds.

Epochs turned and churned to eons, as the messages got mixed,

In a toxic kind of cocktail where the cock became a “dick”.

Humans ultimately crave with insatiable desire,

The unquenchable adoring of their inner primal child.

No amount of money-power-fame-or fancy dress can ever,

Quell nor compensate for needs-innate which dwell with us forever:

Our innate need for love …

Our innate need for sex …

Our innate need for meaning …

In a world that seems bereft.

Sex of one half doesn’t mean that the dozen of the other,

Doesn’t also share these human wares that sometimes make us shudder.

But to shut her (or his) Voice in a Patriarchal muzzle,

Only festers hidden dramas which just reinforce the puzzle.

The Human Thing needs tweaking and we’re at a turning point,

And we need to turn together so we learn to better join :-).

The Human Brand is currently in a fabulous state of disrepair. From partisan politics to sexual misconduct to racism and gender inequality to economic disparity and abusive mentality to gun control and loss of control and geopolitical identity wars … and so much more.
When emotions run high as they seem to now skyrocket, discernment and deep breath is imperative to avoid becoming overreactive. Expressing and venting are powerful tools. But what distinguishes us from our beastly beauties is the ability to consciously reflect about how we use or harness the wellspring of energy that drives our universal engine … to consider what we think and then do — and then to reconsider.
Like seeds planted in a garden, we’re seeding babies and growing a culture. But are we seething as we’re seeding? Are we remaining conscious about the offspring we’re choosing to grow? And why we want to grow them? And with whom? And how?
Are we conscious of our unconscious offspring who’ve also been neglected; our Selves?
We’re in a Global Meltdown — and whether or not one believes in the weather change of Climate Change there’s an irrefutable truth that affects us all and needs urgent nurturing:
Changing the Emotional Climate.
Sync about it, Planet Person :-)