She Had The Life That Everyone Wanted, But Wasn’t Happy

She had the life that others wanted. Everything looked great on paper. Everything looked good on Social Media, but she wasn’t happy. She could have what she wanted, buying all the sparkly things, and going to beautiful places. She wasn’t happy. She didn’t love her body…or her relationship…or her attitude. Doesn’t matter, you pick. She’s more than one client in fact. She felt crazy sometimes because of the war in her head. Lots of chatter. She also felt a little different, weird to some if they knew her completely. At times, she thought it would also be easier if other people in her life would change. She would feel more peace inside then, because other affected her so much.

We went in deep to look at the deepest places within, the secrets, the hidden fears. We looked at the parts that were amazing, wonderful, and yummy where she thrived too. The “pretty” and “fluffy” side of self-love. Looking at the aspects of Shadow side where the ego and inner child is the badass part where they do the work. The goal is completely embracing and accepting themselves completely.

Getting real about the beliefs within which can feel like their own personal blocks they have to hurdle first. Once they got real, bringing the unconscious/subconscious to give them some air of awareness, they no longer hold any power over them. This is where mindset comes in. If they have a desire that is not in alignment with a belief, they don’t manifest what they want. The thinking that is a clear, pure, and focused becomes intention which becomes reality.

Then to supercharge their thoughts, feelings must come in. This is also where the real juice of happiness can be squeezed through feelings of gratitude. Taking a look at their level of energy, their vibration, the way they feel most often, we rebuild this like a new muscle to what they want to feel. Happy, positive, Goddess attitude building or Crabby Negative, Victim attitude-building, it became a daily choice.

I gave them exercises tailored to them. I gave them tips, tools, techniques, some brand new as I let the intuitive guidance come through. Their a-ha’s came easily as they relaxed into this almost new world and they brimmed with excitement at their progress. Each week they came back their sessions, they looked lighter at the end of each hour. Their life changed. They changed. Who they were was revealed-discovered-remembered-created. That’s the Goddess way. Wholeness and depth over fake perfection.

They wanted to live a life that felt good over what looked good. But they all wind up looking even better because women happy in life and with themselves are the sexiest and most beautiful on the planet.

Wishing you a fired-up life, 
Jenny G. Perry
Goddess Life Coach

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