Silence and Interconnectedness

Silence creates the space for us to sense our intrinsic inter-beingness with creation.

I think that our incessant desire for distraction causes us to forget our beautiful and sublime interconnectedness, we forget ourselves, our inner essence. We lose touch with our equanimity and the world as a whole. Our realty becomes anxious and contracted. Ignorance and greed (for money, attention, power, etc.) are born from a power struggle of gaining some kind of importance, retaining it, and fear of its loss. We become blinded to reality and immersed in the illusion of separation. We come to fear silence, stillness, and thereby our true, inner selves as we liken them to dissolution. However, this is where comfort and liberation truly lie. Not in the frenetic, hectic, crazy world “out there”. We are not our incomes, Facebook likes, relationship status, or the car we drive. Evaluation of actions, thoughts, fear, inquiry into the self and the oceans of our consciousness will uncover this stillness and open us to our intimate unconnectedness with everything. We can not exist apart from ourselves or anything in the universe and that often engenders a sense of fear, an ego-based fear that is anxious over loss of power and identity, neither of which truly exist. Once this fear is met closely, eye to eye, it disappears and opens us up to the ground of being. It is beautiful.

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