“Look up”.

This simple tip applies to pretty much everything in life, from:

● Posture

● Attitude

● Perspective

● Revelation

● Insight

● Mystery

● Curiosity

● Adventure

● Determination/Perseverance

…and the list goes on… but how often do you take 15–20 minutes and spend time looking at the sky, watching the clouds pass by, or seeing stars illuminate the night?

Perhaps the sky is worth a bit more of our attention. Perhaps, if we take a step back the sky is symbolic of a lesson: even when light disappears, it’s still there depending upon where you focus. Look to the stars in the night sky, ‘go’ into them, and then refresh your perspective from a higher place of consciousness. What you’ll feel is light, warmth, and a sense of belonging.

You can always find — and feel — light, focus upon it, and see things differently.

And as you watch clouds pass by during the day, you might be reminded of how quickly each moment passes, how ‘now’ is already over, and how it’s ‘now’ all over again. You might consider how your emotional state is relative to this moment in time, which means how you feel right now has no impact on how you’ll feel in a second or how you felt a second ago. Plus, since this is the only moment you may as well choose your highest emotions and happiest state of being. But don’t worry, if you forget, you’re about to get another chance, for it’s now all over again :-)

My wish for you today:

Let the sun fill you with warmth, light, and love,

Let the clouds remind you of fleeting moments and false stress,

Let the moon fill you with compassion, gratitude, and perspective,

And let stars fill you with inspiration for discovery and curiosity.

May the wind pass over your skin with calm determination to de-weight any emotional circumstances that have caused you pain…

May water soak through your skin, reminding you of our simplicity and similarity, the concept of flow, and how fluid your body really is…

May light be seen from without, but also come from within; may you understand your heart is filled by your mind opening to the world around you, considering how you fit in, and then allowing…

Today and every day, I wish for you to understand you are wonderful. You are pure. You are perfect, by design.


Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


Originally published at on November 23, 2017.

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