Slowing Down to Make More Happen

Spiritual Practices that Increase Productivity.

You know that feeling when you’re in the flow? You feel inspired, passionate, energetic, motivated … I recently experienced a cycle in which everything seemed to unfold effortlessly and with astonishing synchronicity — doors opened, the perfect partnerships came into my life, and I worked steadily and enthusiastically, my efforts guided by a wonderful ease and grace. As I got more and more excited about the opportunities showing up, I started DOING more — a little too much — tipping the scale towards making things happen rather than creating the conditions for them to naturally come in. I felt myself getting a little burned out and needing self-care. I realized that the flow had happened because I was focused on who I was being, what I was making and how I was helping. I was putting my heart, time, energy and effort into my passion, but there was no need to put much more emphasis on pursuit. I relaxed, found my center again between effort and surrender, and gained back a sweet harmony of gratitude, confidence and trust. Here are some of the tools that keep me in my productivity sweet spot.


My daily meditation practice relaxes my body and focuses my mind so I can create space between my thoughts and receive new inspired ideas and answers. As I become more and more at home placing my awareness in the center of my head, where we experience direct and timeless intuition, I can hear my inner wisdom and stimulate my creativity. It also trains me to access that state even in chaotic environments … I’ve started some of my favorite projects in busy, loud environments, taking notes spontaneously and on the go. Meditating regularly helps me to access that personal sanctuary quickly and unconditionally.

Taking charge of my own energy

When I have pleasant and fulfilling relationships with others, I can more easily focus on my work and passions. One of the best ways for me to cultivate healthy relationships is to take responsibility for my own energy and self-heal daily using tools of energy healing. I consciously let go of any dark, heavy and low-vibrational energy that may have come into my field, I create protection around myself, and I draw back any energy that I may have left in other places or interactions. I also work with dissipating “matching energy” with others, which means that any time I feel upset by the behavior of someone else, I can recognize that the quality I am having a reaction to in that person exists somewhere within me and can be released. I don’t have to agree with the other person’s behavior, but I can prevent myself from being triggered by it. When I take charge of my own energy, my environment and relationships mirror this alignment and love, and this promotes a peace of mind that facilitates productivity at my highest potential. For guidance on energy healing, please feel free to contact me via my website,

Taking care of my body

Sleep. Clean, fresh food from ethical sources. Exercise. This body is my vessel through which I can experience the more subtle aspects of myself and the universe. Taking care of it is a priority and an expression of self-love. By placing attention on its wellness I sustain endurance, focus, and pleasure, all of which foster productivity and manifestation.

Morning ritual

Every morning, I have have a ritual that sets the tone for the rest of my day. I strive to wake up early enough to have time to make myself a cup of tea, eat a healthy breakfast, and tidy up my home. I do my healing and centering practice and use affirmations to choose what I want to feel, embody and attract. Rituals are very personal…find what resonates with you!

Always a student

I love going to other teachers’ classes, attending festivals, listening to lectures and reading. Community and connection are really important to me and help support my productivity. I surround myself with mentors, colleagues and friends I deeply respect and admire. I’m always receiving inspiration from other perspectives and learning new tools for healing and awakening.


Sometimes even a quick day trip can shift my consciousness, make way for insights and help me reset. It helps purify my system and revitalizes me to continue on projects with new excitement and clarity. Nature is very powerful to me, and there are sites than contain strong energy vortexes and mystical qualities that can create positive shifts at an electromagnetic level.

Going outside my comfort zone. Attending events. Meeting new people.

When I’ve been going all in with my vocational dreams, sometimes it doesn’t feel natural for me to leave the house and be social when I choose to have free time. But some of my most rewarding experiences and opportunities have come from stepping out of my habits, expanding my circles, and trying new things. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll discover.

It may sometimes seem counterintuitive to make time to be still when there is so much on our plates, but making this investment supercharges our efficiency. Whether I’m writing, launching a business or connecting with clients, slowing down by honoring my spiritual practices gives me a firm platform from which to build my dreams.