Small Changes Big Impact: Step by Step to Your Dreams

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Do you believe in the equation small change equals big impact?

I’ve always belonged to kind of people who either change something entirely or rather don’t even think about any change at all. I used to hate doing subtle changes. Honestly, it felt too slow and boring.

Fortunately, I then realized that this is nothing but another trick of the ego. The ego always tells us that we should wait for the ideal job, partner, for money or other circumstances to change. It wants to convince us that it’s worth waiting for that big thing to come.

In fact, it’s about each step you make. As One Republic sings: ”There ain’t no other step than one foot, right in front of the other.”

In my case, I knew that if I change my morning routine and spend less time on social media or internet, I’ll immediately get this extra boost that I needed to follow through some of my long desired dreams.

I, definitely, got more time, self-confidence in the ability to coach myself.

When I go on the internet, I ask myself what is it that I need there. This helps me to avoid procrastinating. It works. One simple question.

Instead of stressing out how to find more time, I just stop making one harmful habit.

Then, I realized that I’m instead an early bird, so I decided to make my mornings energized by meditation, yoga, and writing. Nothing more was needed to use time more efficiently than ever before. No complicated resolutions, or action plans. Just a few subtle changes that have had an enormous impact.

Consistent action is magic. Don’t listen to your ego when it wants to comfort you and tell you to postpone what matters for later. These are the same junk thoughts that keep you from your dreams.

Are you spending your time on the right stuff?

  1. Decide what you want. Be honest and admit what the top 3 activities that stand in the way to your goal are. Take a look over past 30 days and analyze how efficiently you’ve spent time. It’s about simple daily choices. Each choice contributes in creating your day. Don’t let working on your dreams to be optional. Learn to coach yourself toward the life you desire. Because only when the success becomes a must, we make the breakthrough. Therefore, support your goals with consistent daily changes that have the significant impact over time. We think that the promise to ourselves doesn’t count so much as the commitment to someone else. But if you want to be happy and prosperous, keep promises to yourself. You have only one chance on this planet so make it count.
  2. Ask yourself why you choose these turnouts. Why do you choose to limit yourself instead of expanding and sticking with your vision? Do you allow yourself to have it all? Why don’t you let yourself to follow through? Realize the moments when you choose self-harming behavior instead of following your vision. It might be the case that you’re afraid of being all into something because it might not turn out well. Or, you unconsciously suppress yourself because of the underlying thought that you don’t deserve what you want.
  3. Start simple. Choose 3 small habits that you want to change. When you’re aware of situations where you behave undesirably, it’s easier to stop and choose again. I mean it literally. When you catch yourself procrastinating on Facebook or being busy with urgent emails, just stop. Ask yourself if these wasting-of-time habits will bring you any closer to your desired body, to your own business, traveling the world or writing a book. If the answer is no, then you can choose not to continue and return to your balance instead.
  4. Need some more motivation? Picture your life when nothing would change. You need to be all-in to have the desired life. What would be your life if you would fill your days with the activities that are not bringing any value to your life? Tax for unconscious use of time is too high. You pay for it with your health, relationships, thwarted and never realized dreams and wasted talents. Moreover, you’d always feel like a betrayal because you betray yourself. No matter where you are at in your life or where you go, it all begins with the subtle changes.

Be where your heart is. Stay true to your vision. Although it’s easy to get distracted by urgent things, they never bring fulfillment. On the contrary, they make you feel depleted.

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Originally published at on February 6, 2016.