“Some Of Your Most Powerful Phases In Life Might Come From Stopping” Words Of Wisdom With Conscious Lifestyle Expert Alyson Charles

“I recently was guided by Universe to take a long break. It was in the sacred pause that allowed me to go within and have a massive re-birth and emerge a completely new soul and light. Our society can really ingrain that the only way to “win” is to go and do but wow, stopping, reflecting, feeling, diving inward — that is what propels.”
I had the pleasure of interviewing Alyson Charles, RockStar Shaman and host of Soul Reboot who went from being a national champion athlete, #1-rated radio host and national daytime television talk show host to aligning with her calling as a shaman after a traumatic moment caused her awakening. Since then, her ability to share ancient sacred wisdom and be a powerful catalyst for change has ignited a global phenomenon, with Oprah Magazine naming her a “Top Meditation, and Marie Claire Magazine selecting her as the cover story and her work being featured as “The Next Big Thing.” Alyson has pioneered various aspects of merging the worlds of consciousness and media as she is also resident energy guru for Webby’s “Best Health Site” Well + Good Magazine, where she provides a monthly energy forecast, she shares guidance, tips and journeys on Amazon’s award-winning smart home technology, Alexa and through her work as TV host of Soul Reboot she’s brought meditation and sacred ritual to the mainstream in a powerfully creative way. Her commitment to courageously exploring the ever-evolving highest potential and assisting countless people in reconnecting to their power has landed her as the leading global voice as a conscious lifestyle expert.

Yitzi: What is your “backstory”?

I grew up in a tiny Midwest town (one stoplight kind of small) where my elite athletic career began before the age of three. My father was my distance running coach, so as far back as I can remember, what my physical body could do to validate others or myself and pushing as hard as possible were the norms. On some level I must’ve sensed I needed to balance this extreme athletic life with something more healing and all I ever recall being interested in was metaphysics, the healing arts, and learning modalities and methods to connect within. I also began getting hypnotherapy and acupuncture at a very young age, around 7.

While this externally-validated and physicality-focused way of life proved highly successful in many regards (I was a two-time national champion athlete, scholarship + history-making athlete and team captain at the University of Alabama etc.) I began to sense there was a suppressed light and power in my soul. It took surrendering to the flow of life and many years of ever-increasing signs which culminated in a true Divine-intervention moment that activated my Awakening to begin the process of letting myself be the full Alyson, the full power, the full light and gifts that I came here to be.

For me to harmonize with and embody my full power, I have had to transcend out of countless patterns, fears, and subconscious threads that kept me playing small and simultaneously access areas of courage, resilience, vulnerability and grace within me that I didn’t even know were possible. My commitment to exploring the infinite ability to evolve, to steadfastly walking on the awakening path and seeing truth has stretched me deeply on both ends of the human spectrum of experiences and emotions but it is that depth of Earth life experience and that continued process of learning and growing that has shown me life is miraculous, we are powerful beyond measure and how to be of greatest service to the world.

I have been able to share my gifts, light and power in incredible ways, guiding meditations for The New York Times and Art Basel, being the first person to ever perform on stage in the 25-year-history of the HBO Film Festival where I guided a shamanic journey for over 10,000, being the voice of “the why” behind this global consciousness shift for countless, top major media networks and platforms, speaking on premier panels with other business leaders and I have returned to television executive producing and hosting another talk show, but this time in my full authenticity. There are a number of additional television projects in development and my book is in the works! It has been mesmerizing and deeply honoring to see the work I do so powerfully embraced and yearned for — it is a most potent time to be alive!

Yitzi: Can you share the funniest or most interesting story that occurred to you in the course of your career?

There have honestly been countless interesting stories, truly everyday is a real life “trip” connecting to the other realms, continuing to have my gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.) grow. But the visions I have and the activations I’ve gotten from ascended masters, deities, animal totems I could go on and on about. I was recently (and very unexpectedly) initiated by the energetic medicine and blessing of Quetzalcoatl and that was a wild process I felt moving through my body and really had to trust and surrender to. I most times don’t know when the next layer of a gift will be activated or when a new gift or initiation my suddenly occur or the places or times when my Shamanic guidance, clearings or methods may be needed — I’ve done spontaneous shamanic work on the streets of NYC, in restaurants, at movie premieres, on red carpets, I’ve energetically cleansed and cleared television studios, some of the most world-renowned hotels, globally-known fashion houses on Fifth Avenue, and so much more. Just today at a restaurant a server overheard me talking about my work and how I’ll be officiating a friend’s wedding in May in Joshua Tree and she remarked “it sounds like you have such an exciting life” and she was such an angel messenger, such a powerful reminder to have perspective because it is indeed a pretty darn full and thrilling ride.

Yitzi: Are you working on any meaningful non profit projects? How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

All the various branches of how my work goes out into the world, whether it be my talks, guided meditations on Amazon’s Alexa system, my talkshow “Soul Reboot,” the energy forecasts I write, my appearances on shows — it’s all about delivering goodness to the world. The objective is always to surrender and be whatever energetic conduit I need to be for whatever messages, guidance and medicine to be delivered to that person or place for its highest, greatest, Earthly good — so my pure intention is to be that cosmic source of perhaps helping to spark a remembrance in you of your worth, light and power here on Earth.

I’ve launched an eco-friendly nail polish collection, The Blessed Power Set with Floss Gloss where a portion of sales go back to Amazon jungle conservation and each set of four chakra-activating colors also comes with a piece of sustainably-sourced palo santo from a company that is dedicated to reforestation efforts there as well. I was also a founding partner with Juliet Silva-Yee on an incredible pop-up conscious marketplace called Doing/Living Marketplace. We merged the worlds of art, beauty and culture and had countless charity initiatives, fundraisers, conscious programming like breathwork, my course series Awakening 101, yoga, mandala classes, book launches and much more. All products sold in the marketplace were either sustainable, eco-friendly or gave back to the world in some way, and I executive produced and hosted Doing/Living LIVE, a talk show where I interview global-changemakers and conscious celebs and this is put out into the world by KNEKT, an awake and conscious team dedicated to content that positively impacts the planet. It was incredibly powerful to activate consciousness energies from this kind of marketplace, done on such a massive scale (4 stories and over 35,000 sq/ft), in a location known as “billionaire’s row” in New York City.

One specific current project that is very near and dear to my heart is a partnership with an incredibly authentic and pure entrepreneur, Ksenia Avdulova, founder of Breakfast Criminals and the Heart Bowl. We joined forces with Ksenia and a wonderful Brooklyn-based ceramic artist and mother Lisa Harper Kennedy to create the “world’s most intentional breakfast bowl” by having five, limited edition handmade heart bowls which were then energetically blessed and activated through me by Source, in a very powerful ceremony. We’re selling the blessed heart bowls (which come equipped with a crystal and sustainably-sourced piece of palo santo) and providing all proceeds to one of the CNN Hero of the Year winners, Bumi Sehat Foundation which is dedicated to mindful, holistic and loving childbirth as a means to building peace.

It has been one of the most meaningful projects of my life because it has been a pure offering to the Mother — to thank Mother Earth as she continues to shift in consciousness and bless and honor Her, to be able to help support the continued efforts of new souls incarnating here being brought into the world with sacredness, joy and peace and to see in so many countless ways how this project has ignited women supporting women, and in turn inviting the Divine masculine energies to meet us and be with us as one.

Yitzi: Wow! Can you tell me a story about a person who was impacted by your cause?

With being of-service, the most impactful moments are hearing how I’ve somehow positively shifted someone’s life. When doing soul-level work and raising your internal frequency and vibration, the ways in which your life change so to externally rise to meet those inward changes are infinite but one client’s hair quit falling out, the marriage she had been suffering in finally resolved and in a very empowered way she has begun anew as a single woman, she shifted careers entirely, launching her own business and brand that she’s wildly passionate about, her relationship with her children drastically and instantly improved — she was someone who truly trusted in the process and continues to ride the waves of powerful change that were ignited doing this shamanic and soul-level work!

Yitzi: What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.

I truly honor and cherish my path just as it has occurred, but knowing these aspects would’ve perhaps made my journey a bit more graceful:

That the Hero’s Journey and Shamanic path brings with it many different types of initiations, spiritual fires, and energetic medicinal activations. I remember the first time a massive internal spiritual fire went raging inside of me, making me face deeply suppressed emotions, feeling old energies that had been trapped and stored away, having intense and unexpected realizations about myself and life and it just burning away old thoughts and internal layers that were no longer serving me. That had to go to create new space for the higher-consciousness energies to activate or move-in. The first time this happened I had no idea what was going on or how long it would last! I’ve had so many since and now I can ride those waves and processes with so much more grace, empowerment and ease because I recognize what is going on and know then that I am about to uplevel.

That embodying your authentic truth and power may trigger people for different reasons. Perhaps a powerful, stylish woman from the Midwest who humbly owns her power and is a public figure with her healing work doesn’t look like the shamans you saw in movies. That’s the beauty of it: we are here where on the planet when entirely new ways of being are being born, and we are creating a new paradigm. My looks, my work and my path are one example it. Anytime a new path is being created, new ground is being broken and an expanded view of what is real or possible is being presented, it can touch and trigger some people’s tight realities of what they think is real.

That some of your most powerful phases in life might come from stopping. I recently was guided by Universe to take a long break. It was in the sacred pause that allowed me to go within and have a massive re-birth and emerge a completely new soul and light. Our society can really ingrain that the only way to “win” is to go and do but wow, stopping, reflecting, feeling, diving inward — that is what propels.

Community and Sisterhood and Brotherhood — this is what it’s all about. The more we can transcend out of comparison and competition — this is where pure joy and meaning in life is cultivated. Growing up being that intense, elite athlete, I was literally bred to compete and I’ve had to do TONS of work to release those deep patterns and to trust collaboration and wow — finding my way with human relations and community and partnerships like the one with Ksenia is enriching beyond words.

To Lighten Up! Yes I call it Earth school and yes I believe we come here to learn, see, feel, taste it all so we can evolve and grow, but it is NOT that serious! I used to get down on myself and be critical if I made a mistake, but so much of what happens to us is truly absurd and the way lessons are presented to us is oftentimes incredibly ridiculous. The more playful we can be, the more we can laugh at this journey — that infuses more overall acceptance, and self-love which translates into much greater empathy , compassion and forgiveness for others which are all massive keys for a powerful life!

Yitzi: Is there a person in the world, or in the US whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why?

I would love to have a personal pow wow with Oprah. She has been the most notable light-working trailblazer in many regards, especially in the world of media. As my calling and mission is to blend my work as a television host and shaman to deliver whatever consciousness energy, light and medicine is needed out into the world via various media channels, it would be incredibly powerful to learn more from her deep wisdom and experience, and to get her sage advice so I can truly keep blazing this trail and being of greatest service to the world!

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