Someday Isle

Most people have stored their hopes and dreams away at a place called Someday Isle.

They put every aspiration they had as a kid away in the same hopeless place apparently.

Although I could not point to this place on a map, it’s one I’ve unfortunately been all too personally acquainted with in the past. I could give you exact directions on how to arrive at this elusive Someday Isle we collectively always hear so much about without even realizing it.

Take something you’ve always wanted to do, be it your truest of passions or the simplest of silly whims. Then hesitate on doing it, for just a brief moment.

Give yourself two seconds and I’ll bet your own exaggerated fears and flaws you’ve refused to face are willing to lend you a barrage of excuses you’re able to use to justify not doing that thing today.

Then wake up and do the same thing tomorrow, all while promising yourself you’ll do it…tomorrow. Then something comes up tomorrow, because something always comes up tomorrow. And honestly, who has time to write a bestselling novel or perfect a craft when the cat is sick and the rent is due. The rent is always due. Thankfully, fear still has bundles of bad excuses for you to borrow, interest free. You’re the only one who has any interest in your excuses.

Keep putting it off for as long as you possibly can until one day you catch yourself saying

“Someday I’ll …”

You’ve arrived. I wouldn’t call it so much a vacation destination as it is an island of potential passion that was procrastinated off into oblivion until the world forgot about it.

Every so called aspiring writer, actor, actress, comedian, musician, photographer, poet, rapper, producer, director, pod caster and other creative who never took the time to actually create poisoned their dreams via procrastination and where the souls of those could have been great creations inhabit now are a place called Someday Isle.

It is the saddest of sad places I’ve seen. Things that could have changed the world instead got changed and jaded by it. The could have been creators of them just kept putting other people’s priorities, passions, and projects ahead of their own until all they had left was procrastination and a timeshare in a place they rarely even mention nowadays, the desolate, dusty and dreamless Someday Isle.

I told myself

“Someday I’ll show them how wrong they were.”

“Someday I’ll finally get my shit together”

“Someday I’ll be less angry and negative”

“Someday I’ll leave her, She’ll see then”.

“Someday I’ll ask her out, then the other her will really see”.

“Someday I’ll leave this whole fucking town in my rearview, like Ben Affleck in none other than ‘The Town’ ”.

“Someday I’ll get my goddamn drivers license so I can actually have a rear view to legally leave this town in when I leave it.

“Someday I’ll actually let someone in, all the way in, beyond the intruding wall.

Someday I’ll write a book and the world will fucking love me for it”

And someday came and went and then so did the next and I was left as the sad and uncompensated spokesman for a place called Someday Isle.

I jokingly mentioned the movie ‘The Town’ above, well there is a great quote from that movie which I think we can all agree is true as well as try and learn from. Ben says “Most people wake up everyday and tell themselves they’re going to change their lives…and never do, well me I’m going to change mine”.

It took me years to finally cut my ties to the place altogether. Had I known it was as simple as just doing, I would have severed ties sooner. Who knew it was as easy as showing up and trying? There truly is nothing on the other side of fear that the foundation of Someday Isle was built on. Nothing except what you used to be afraid of.

So this is my plea to you to pursue instead of becoming a regular patron of Someday Isle. Getting there is easy, the problem is in leaving once you’ve unknowingly gotten there.

Note: This post was inspired by the video below and I’d like to acknowledge the whole “Someday Isle” idea behind it was not mine.