Most of you who know me well, know my life story personally and professionally. It is, as I have been told extremely emotional yet empowering in many ways. I have never before shared it in detail on social media, bits are written here and there about it, and I certainly do not intend to make a fuss out of it, however, increasingly I find that I am unable to reach the 1–1 emails and direct messages on various social media channels with questions mostly related to personal confidence issues (surprisingly from all ages of women more then men) and career-related transitions, and support request from regardless of age and gender, mostly within the UK and US at the moment, sometimes from India and other regions too which is exciting. Having said that I will NOT be giving immigration advise please stop contacting me for that, I am not legally the right person to be talking about it.

A lot of you know that I am a qualified and licensed career counsellor and for those that don’t know, please feel free to have a look at my profile, I believe I have added most things on there. Having personally (voluntarily) in the past supported multiple (I hate bragging, but you need facts too) career transitions at various levels, purely because I like helping people and I believe in action over talk. Recently, due to my technology startup and lack of time I have had to refrain from doing too much of that, and it clearly makes me feel slightly guilty of not helping people esp. when they need as I am not usually the one to walk away from helping. So, in light of my time pressures and a real desire to continue to support as many out there as I can, I have launched career and confidence conversations.

For now, I will host a live session every last Friday of the month at a fixed time for 45 mins — 60 mins maximum only, I will touch on a topic for 5–10 mins and then dive straight into QnA’s and discussion of individuals challenges. People can join in as anonymous, there is not registration or sign up BS. The only thing people might want to do is follow me on my personal channels for updates on sessions, follow up on particular QnA’s, short videos and of course further sharing of useful resources, as I continue to build it up for helping career and confidence related challenges. Now, just to add to that I have been told that I am pretty sane and can give a damn good advise, but by no means I will know it all so let’s learn together in those cases.

I look at things very differently here’s an example of when I wrote a dissertation in 2006 early 2007 about financial market crash due to sub prime mortgage and other personal lending that would affect the macro and micro level economics, trickling from the US to the UK and how it would affect individuals. My professor (dissertation supervisor) under marked by till then successful first class degree to a 2.1 quoting “I am delusional, clearly do not understand the way financial macro and micro economics work, and…” a few other things I will reserve for some other time, but you get the point.

And you may be thinking where do I have time, or why am I doing this, or what may be the hidden agenda (like we all think from time to time, we are sceptical of real help and authenticity out of our own fears and experiences) but as my video says it is just my effort to help more people because I know every time I have helped someone that message or email, that says “thank you, you helped me…. “ with whatever they were going through, I know that I may not be changing the whole world but I am certainly changing the world for that one person and after all, what are we worth if not in compassion and support of others.

My personal channels on twitter, Instagram, facebook and youtube are all either my name Bhumika Zhaveri or bzhaveri — so it is fairly easy to locate, follow, and keep in touch. And please note all advise is from personal and professional experience, not a legal at all.

About the author: Bhumika Zhaveri is a non-conventional and solutions driven tech entrepreneur, with experience in HR & Recruitment: change, transformation and technology projects. As a published author you will find her work in a variety of publications, and she is actively involved with TechUK, IEEE for Data ethics, AI & digital committees and TechSheCan charter with PWC, Girls who code and similar women in stem organisations.

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