Soul’s Hole…

Photo: Stephane Vetter

A hole in a soul is more than a rhyme and I think it’s time for a self examination. We have been programmed to self check for lumps, bumps, coughs, scabs, but very little has been offered on what I think is the number one self check: The Soul.

I was thinking of saying to myself, r.u. cyrius, but stopped the wheels of whine and grabbed my soul’s strings and played a new tune…Love me now or miss the boat.

If I can’t see what’s clearly awaiting me in the mirror, then I am not being truthful to my self and proof is in the truth, so I submit and humbly open my arms.

Love to me and loving me is how I choose to begin this and every day, as it washes clean the media’s attempt to wash my souls with the stench of yesterday…

I look forward to making tomorrow a better day and yesterday a learning platform to spring from.


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