Spiritual practice for busy people

Time for you — at any moment

When you have little-time for me-time, one of the last things you may think about is a spiritual practice. It feels just so out-of-reach and not relatable to your life.

However, whilst you’re on that fast-paced life, what if I told you that you could simply enjoy each moment. Instead of waiting until the end of the day to flop on the sofa?

You see, the word Spirit, actually means “to breath”. It’s about bringing breath / spirit into your body. So in a sense, spirituality is about bringing your soul into your body. And I say, through the most basic thing: breath.

And when you are stressed? You hold your breath — you take shallower breaths from the top of the chest. Short shallow breaths, that doesn’t really allow your whole system to breath and take in oxygen.

When you take deep breaths, you are bringing new vitality into the body, life intelligence is lit up. Your body is in-spirit, and you get inspired. Life becomes easy, flowing and you get good ideas.

So I invite you now to simply remember to start breathing more deeply into your body, in each moment. And yes, you’ll forget when your stressed, but whenever you can remind yourself to take some deep breaths — especially at those crunch moments. You’ll know those moments as you’ll feel like you’re about to break or break-something.

That’s the time to STOP

and take 10 deep breaths: 4 seconds in, 7 seconds out.

I believe that is the most spiritual practice you can do.

And yes, there are many forms of spirituality: meditation, yoga, mantras, prayers, walking in nature, mindfulness. But ultimately all of these are about connecting to that deeper part of yourself — it’s inside of you — not outside.

I use a variety of these practices when I can — most notably I feel a million-times better when I meditate for 12mins a day in the morning. And yes, I sometimes fall off the wagon — but just like my exercise routine, I don’t flog myself for this. I just gently remind myself to get back to it as it will help me feel better.

And failing that, I just breath. And for that reason, I love this quote:

“When you own your own breath, no-one can steal your peace” (author unknown)

What’s your favourite spiritual practice? I’d love to know!

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