Spirituality, a lifeline Between Mind and Body.

How crisis can offer space for profound Spiritual alignment.

I didn’t grow up Spiritual. Spirituality, though something that always held an unfamiliar allure, immersed itself fully into my life during personal crisis. The kind of crisis that leaves you reeling, seeking and yearning for not only a new approach but for an absolute life journey overhaul.

Yoga and meditation became my refuge from that immense physical and chronic emotional pain. They forged a connection between a body that was desperately trying to heal itself and a mind whose will and resiliency were fighting the fiercest battles they’d known.

Uncertainty had left me in a space of desperately seeking to control, it’s what I’d known, control was my safe place. My Spiritual journey would teach me that my circumstances were riddled with the effects of this plaguing desire to control. It’s what had led me to the lessons I needed to learn to continue to be a part of this tangible life.

Yoga is where my path back to mind, body synergy began. In physical weakness I committed to cultivating Spiritual strength. I devoured yoga philosophy books, studied Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurvedic yoga therapy, embraced a dedicated meditation practice and and dove fully into the world of holistic health, natural healing and personal development.

Today, my daily Spiritual practice continues to be that lifeline between mind and body, it is my non-negotiable. It grounds me, unites me to my purpose and connects me to a deep trust in Universal power and alignment. Yoga and meditation are where my soul, mind and body harmoniously combine in a state of bliss, gratitude and appreciation for something greater and bigger than myself.

My practice offers perspective, compassion, empathy and a divine connection between human and Spirit. Spiritually is my self-care, my space of retreat and an integral part of my life’s work.

My Spiritual journey has guided me back to my core self. It has allowed me to put only that self forward and to believe wholly in that self. It has taught me to center and ground when the world gets loud and I feel that self slipping. It’s a daily decision and practice that enables me to operate from a space of deep personal fulfilment and alignment. Spiritually has given me an internal home that no external force can draw from.

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