Standing Tall…

Image: Laetitia Wilfert-Portal
…even if it feel easy at first, never stop holding still for your convictions/never stop holding court/never stop crying about the trails you once feared/Don’t stop being or having a voice, as voice is one of the primal gifts representing life’s love for you…

I have said to many elders and colleagues, “there’s always someone older than you, so you are NOT old — just older than you were yesterday!”

On the way to being cast out of the protege class, I was put in the “accelerated” class in my American(sic) elementary school in Germany along with my soon-to-be life-long friend and Korean adoptee, David Lee Spradley. The decisions for placement in the accelerated program were based on I.Q. scores, as 140 was required for entry. David and I ran thick as thieves in the class, on the sports teams, in the woods and pretty much shook up the school — the base and our Dads…as “staying in our place” was never our claim to fame, we often heard parents whisper, “from the mouths of babes…”

David and I have claimed many mountainside markers on our tree-topping, globe-hopping escapades through artistic, business, education,wellness and social justice fields…But we stepped aside so our children could benefit from our fueled empowerment efforts to allow them to have the choice of voice our father’s gifted us with…now we look past our graying brows to the voices of a generation that are saying, “we will do the dance — walk the talk — walk miles for change…”

The emerging wave of nextGen voters are chanting, “change must be in the air…”

I admire the nudge, feel the force and marvel at the power they have claimed. As a parent and root of one of these crisp, new apples — I am proud, as I was proud of myself, claiming a DC seat at the Million Man’s March and I am now proud of this wave of trees reaching for the sky…

Theirs is here to be claimed and the path is straight-up!

r.u. with them/me/us…are you with it and willing to support change?

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