Start Now or Die Trying

Because the wait is finally over.

When will you be the healthiest version of yourself?

Stop trying.

You’re now as young as you’ll ever be.

Don’t wait to be healthier.

Don’t wait to eat better.

There isn’t a diet book that’s ever been written with magical spells enshrined in it.

There’s no ideal diet.

There’s no perfect workout.

There’s just what you do right now.

And now.

It’s never the right time to start getting healthier.

Life gets in the way.

The meeting at the steakhouse.

The wedding with the desserts.

So what?

Life’s always gonna happen.

Start now anyway.

Microstep: Make a “micro-resolution” every day. That today is the perfect day to start being healthier. The wait is over. And tomorrow, the wait is over, too.

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