Steam yourself…

Image: Rachealgrace Adams

Yesterday, on a morning musing-walk-a-bout, I concluded that the source of most of our dis-eases is a lack of self-esteem.

Rooted in the fields of self-doubt and self-hatred, we become vulnerable and prone to worry thus begin compromising our immune systems as a result. From there, the gates are open and the various cadres of nature and man-made energy vampires have access to your core….

Once our physical, spiritual and emotional cores have been breached, we loose balance and the race begins as to determine, “who or what will get you sicker?”

After the initial “tickle” of an illness, we are then often programmed to take a pill to get better. While we have been programmed to accept, “the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill,” know the producers of the pills have one primary objective — — to sell you more pills, thus there is an very large and powerful industry determined to make and keep you sick.

…wean yourself from external props so you can look inside to find….”You are the biggest pill,” and you are in the driver’s seat to claim ownership to your health and wellness.

Claim it, Own it and Be on the ONE with self and Universe!

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