Step Up — Be Courageous — Be Bold and Beautiful

Recently I attended an event where Mr. Dominic Barton, CEO at McKinsey, gave a Key Note Presentation.

So many things he said have stayed with me. Some because they were so in tune with a lot of things I´m thinking about these days. Others because they stretched me, and my mind.

And some because they just made be so optimistic and excited about our future.

There are disruptive times now. And we need to be disruptive, in the meaning of drastically alter things (Disrupt is my new favorite word!).

Think about everything in a new way. Stop doing things like we have always done them. And many other inspiring ideas.

Step Up — Be Courageous

Mr. Barton talked about that we need to step up. That the world needs courageous leaders.

We have to be courageous enough to do all kinds of things.
 Like take actions. To challenge our assumptions. To make a judgement. To prioritize. To manage our energy, not our time.

He said we need to work on our characters. That resonates so well with my ideas about Self-Leadership. Our character is something we can be working on our whole lives.

We have to be courageous enough to be all kinds of things. We need to to be selfless. Be willing to serve others. Be resilient. We all have failures and setbacks, just keep going. It is now how many times you fall that will define you — but how many times you rise up again. Be decisive. Be purpose driven. Be ambitious.

Play as big role as you can in making our world an exciting and great place to live and work in.

Step Up — Be Bold & Beautiful

Maybe I got you here. I´m talking about bold as in courageous. But I´m not going to be talking about being beautiful in a sense of vanity.

Rather being beautiful as a person. Beautiful character. Beautiful coworker. Beautiful spouse, friend and neighbor.

You may need to be bold at times — because sometimes it is hard to step up. But to change our environment, our workplace and our world — we must start with ourselves.

So please Step Up. For you. For me. For all of us.

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