Steps to Success: Are you willing to De-clutter your Closet?

How throwing away 80 pieces of clothing is shaping my success

Do you have something you haven’t worn in the past 3 months?

I did, and I didn’t feel good about it. Donating them, however, is becoming a part of my steps to success.

In fact, half of my closet consisted of clothing I haven’t worn in the past year.

I always thought — maybe one day I would wear them.

6 months passed, then 12 months, and finally 7 years… There’s some clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn since 7 years ago. (I mean, never worn since it was bought. The labels are still on!)

When was the last time you saw a piece of clothing in your wardrobe, and thought to yourself, ‘I’ll wear that next time.’ And a few months and years pass by, and that same shirts/skirt is still there?

You are fooling yourself.

That’s what I did. Until something happened…

Two weeks ago, I was watching Buzzfeed about how co-workers dress a girl for a full week. The reason was because the girl usually wore gym clothes to work, and her co-workers felt like she can try different styles instead of being boring. And she tried those different styles — she really looked gorgeous.

After this, I was so inspired.

Why are normal people like us, wearing clothes everyday like they are a uniform?

Why don’t we put more individuality into what we wear?

Why am I, who trains daily at the gym to get the muscles, wearing clothes that don’t flatter my hard-worked figure?

I wanted to see what happens when I present my best self to the world.

I decided to pick out something that I love and feel confident in whenever I head out of the house.

I didn’t know that this would put me into the direction of Success.

Before this epiphany, my favourite little black lace dress was saved for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. That gorgeous biege silk top with top Japanese fabric was saved for my dance classes. When I wore my favourites, I had to put on makeup.

But not anymore! In my experiment of ‘Wearing something I’m feel good in’, anything goes. Also, I didn’t have to put on makeup (that’s too much work for me).

Black lace dress for heading to the bookstore? No problem. I’ll wear with my white canvas shoes.

Silk top just for getting a quick lunch in a simple cafe? No problem. Black leggings, white canvas shoes/flats.

Everytime I stepped out of the house, I loved how I looked. I felt confident as hell to conquer the world.

I started getting compliments from my dance teacher and people I barely knew for a few days. But what happened to me on the 13th day was the moment that made me give away most of my clothes.

So I was wearing one of my best tops and walked in the subway.

Suddenly, two men in front of me looked back and said to each other, ‘She’s so beautiful.’

I thought, ‘What?! Me?! Beautiful?!’

I don’t think anyone’s ever said that about me (except for the guys who wanted to hit on me in the past. ahem.).

I was so shy that I pretended I had to look for my phone in the backpack. I’m afraid they would speak to me.

But these two guys didn’t even try to speak to me, they just said that to themselves meaning they had not intention to act on anything. They just said it to state their opinion to each other.

Wow. Mind blown.

Never thought people would say that to me. There’s so many beautiful girls in the world!

So I analysed a bit of why they said that and what happened:

  1. My skin was glowing from my new healthy diet.
  2. I exuded confidence from my clothes.
  3. My clothes looked good on me.
  4. The results of my workouts are coming through.
  5. I’m giving a positive vibe because I just started to do what I always wanted, started a health and fitness blog.
  6. My posture is becoming better because of my ballroom dancing like Waltz and Rumba.

From these, I can conclude that maybe I look good to them because I try to take good care of myself, both physically and mentally.

After the incident, I was quite happy to be honest. Being acknowledged for my hard work in taking care of myself shows me that I’m stepping in the right direction in life.

I walked home that night. Thinking what I can do more to take care of myself.

I want to be confident and beautiful every day.

I opened my closets, and took out every piece of clothing that I haven’t worn in the last 3 months.

I also went one step further.

I took out everything which I still wear but I don’t feel 100% beautiful in them.

The process didn’t feel comfortable.

After all, these clothes worth at least US$20 per piece. If I throw them away, I lose money.

But I told myself, ‘It’s a waste if it’s sitting there and no one is wearing them. Or that I’m wearing them and I don‘t look good. If I donate them, at least someone who’s in need can use them and feel good and loved when wearing them.’

That’s how I overcame my anxiety in removing perfect pieces of clothing from my closet.

Here’s some bag of my clothing

I dumped them all in huge trash bags. And sent them to donation for Salvation Army.

All 80+ pieces of clothing, worth US$1600.

After clearing out my closets, I never felt so good.

Everytime I head out, I pick out whatever from my closet and it’s always something I love dearly.

I walk on the streets with confidence, knowing that I’m presenting the best version of myself to the world.

I feel good, and hence, I have more positive thoughts.

Things are starting to happen for me…

Friends and strangers from everywhere are offering help to introduce new clients to my business.

The right people are beginning to align and help in building my SEO marketing career.

My thoughts seem sharper these days and it’s easier for me to focus.

I just know this is one of my steps to success.

And I challenge you to do the same today.

Not Tomorrow. I mean TODAY.

Spend 5 minutes and remove something from your closet.

Or the next time you go out and see something in your closet you don’t want to wear anymore, put it in a trash bag.

Or carve out 2 hours to go through your closet and take out everything that doesn’t make you feel good 100%.

That’s what you need to do.

Remove clothes that you don’t feel confident and perfectly happy about.

Cauz’ you deserve better.

This is your life, and you only life once.

Every night you go to sleep, you die. You are a new you the next day — Fernando, My personal trainer

You deserve more.

Start by making small conscious choices like clearing out your unwanted clothing.

You deserve the best because you are the best.

Go out and show the world your best ‘You’.


P.S. After clearing your wardrobe, share your success story in the comments!

P.P.S Here’s the Buzzfeed video that inspired me:

P.P.P.S If you’re reading until here, it just means that you’re still not acting about what we said. Don’t wait and think anymore. Do this now. Go to your closet and pick out something that doesn’t flatter you!!! Stop fooling yourself! You don’t need it!!! Get the crap out of your life!

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