Stop Asking for Second Chances! Move On!

If you have ever been fired or rejected, you know the pain, stress, anger, and emotions that come with it. But guess what? Holding on to the past is going to make it worst. Move on. Your employer “let you go,” so, go! and never ever stoop too low to ask for a second chance. When you ask for a second chance, you are committing to be a servant but the key principle to live by in life is to “never be under other people’s mercies.”

Sympathize with people if they deserve it, but above all, mentor them to be the greatest they can ever be! Sometimes that means letting people go. Often times employees do not understand that their lives should never be controlled by their employers. There are a lot of opportunities out there to those who are keen enough to realize that whatever they are doing, they can do it elsewhere at peace. So why beat yourself and stay in a job you do not like how you are being treated? Why stay in a relationship you are not enjoying for fear of unknown?

This comes about when we do not know our worth. You are too important to ask for a second chance and anytime you ask for a second chance, your value drops exponentially. But it is also imperative to understand that in whatever you do, you should do it to the best of your might. Give your all and you will never live with regrets.

It is also very important to be polite and humble about it. You do not have to be arrogant when you have done something wrong but always remember to stay your ground. Say sorry when you have done a mistake. We are human being’s and as long as we remain the same, mistakes will forever be part of us, therefore, remain humble. Be ready to learn and open your mind to other peoples opinions and ideas.

As a leader, if your employees start asking you for a second chance, you are either not mentoring them properly or you are expecting way more than they can handle. This is very common with new employees who might be having difficulties at learning their roles. I believe that with a good training and putting other people first, most employees can do great things.

To employees, when your employer departs ways with you, remember that it is for business reasons and you should never take it personally. There is a say that goes; never burn the bridges you’ve crossed. So keep it professional. Remember you will need a reference from them at some point when another opportunity comes knocking. Never hold grudges otherwise you will live a sour life for the rest of your life. Life is too short to not enjoy it. So, be confident, stay your ground and never stoop too low to ask for second chances.

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