Hey you, Stop Eating Junk Food


So you think eating garbage is your own business.

People might have even told you, ‘Hey, you should probably stop drinking/smoking/eating junk food. It’s bad for your lungs/liver/skin/health.’(insert the right word!)

I’ve always been an advocate of self-love. The more you can love yourself, the more you can give to your loved ones: family, your partner and your friends.

Also, from first hand experience, a bad diet really gives you less energy — you won’t be able to work and enjoy the fun as much.

All the above — I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

You’re probably still in denial — how bad could junk food be?

I’ve even heard ridiculous sayings from a mom with 2 young kids, ‘I’d rather die that not enjoy my life( with delicious junk food)!’

You tell yourself, ‘ I NEED TO ENJOY MY LIFE.’

Are you sure you want to die because you can’t control your addiction? Pizza everyday. Lots of booze. Not veges. Doritos on your desk. 1 pack of cigarette a day or more?

I have to admit, no one knows how long you will last with this crappy lifestyle.

But what I can tell you is, you have a higher chance to die earlier than someone with a healthy lifestyle.

We, as humans, think we can live forever.

Having an unhealthy lifestyle, you may not have felt the effects of it normally…

UNTIL one day it hits you hard. One day you got a pain/lump/vomit blood or other symptoms…

You realise you’re about to die.

That you’re leaving behind your family. And seeing your family suffer financially and emotionally days before your death.

You realise that you should change your diet.

Well, sometimes it’s too late, you’ll die — damage is irreversible.

Other times, some of us do get lucky, get another chance live.

But even so, for most of the ones who get to live, they think, ‘ Well, junk food isn’t THAT bad on me. I’m healthy again.’ Then they continue with their routine garbage diet, thinking that even if something goes wrong, they just need to go to the hospital, take a few pills, do some surgery and their body is good as new… HELL NO

For some diseases, once you fall ill, it’s easier for you to fall ill again with the same illness next time.

Surgeries cause harm to your body.

Even medicines don’t exist in nature and are synthetic. Takin medicine is putting chemicals in your body. And we’re not even supposed to have chemicals in our diet!( we chinese even has a saying that Medicines are actually poison!)

How can you say that just because you’re all ok now, that junk food won’t cause you further harm?

Once you put that pizza in your mouth, the damage is done.

Take a puff? Drink a sip? All contributes to your early death.

Most of us live our lives like we’ll live forever. But all of those die before they can imagine.

Leaving behind their loved ones.

So what inspired me to write this article suddenly?

Well, things have happened this year to those around me. It made me think….

First, my uncle got intestinal cancer because he’s always had a bad diet. He always ate fatty bits of meat, and little veges. People told him not to eat so much junk before, but he said, ‘It’s ok, nothing going to go wrong with me. I exercise regularly.’ Now, he’s running around trying to get the will done for his daughter who hasn’t even graduated college. He supported his kids most of his life on his own as a single parent. One of his children is about to give birth, but he’s not sure how long he will stay with his grandkids. This time, he finally decided to cut the junk out, but who knows if the effects are reversible?

Second, my other relative had a stroke 10 years ago. It’s because of his high fats, salt and sugar diet. That made him nearly unable to walk. It takes him 15mins or more to walk a distance which normally takes 5 mins. Also, one of his eyes went blind because of that. He changed a bit in his diet, I give you that. But every lunch he eats fatty foods and at least twice unhealthy banquets per week. He says he needs to give himself a break from the clean diet. (But in reality, unhealthy foods everyday is too much!) He also says he’s dying soon, let him eat. Then this Sunday, we had one of those big Chinese New Year dinners. He had the deep fried foods and no control on the portion despite his situation. The next afternoon, he complained he can’t see any lights with his healthy eye. Then we sent him to the hospital, I’ve never seen him so scared. He feared that he was going blind. He’s scared that he would die. Luckily, after a few hours, his eyes were completely normal again. Doctors said he had a mini-stroke, where arteries got clogged, but luckily, they unclogged again. You think he would change? Not a thing.

You know, it’s ok if you have a crappy diet, get sick and die and not affect anyone.

But what you need to learn about is what comes after.

As my two relatives got sick, I saw how worried they were and lost sleep over them. Cried. Not knowing whether they will survive and not have any long term damages. Financially, I saw them paying for medical bills and the patient’s living expenses out of their own pocket, affecting their standard of living. (Note: most health insurance plans don’t cover all expenses, not to mention the loss of income caused by unemployment.)

Needless to say, when you get sick, the above would happen. And when you die, you won’t be able to repay what they did for you, or even worse, you can’t see your kids grow up, grow old with your partner, do the job you love, know the people you like, and enjoy the things you desire. If you’re supporting you family and friends financially or emotionally, you won’t be able to do help them anymore, and they will have a hard time.

Have you thought about what happens to them when you get sick or die?

Now, I want you to act with me and be an advocate for a healthy diet and:

Spit out that piece of candy/chocolate/pizza or whatever junk food you’re having

Start right now with having a healthy diet.

Enjoy life and learn about making tasty healthy foods

I don’t want to have you experience sickness or death, and affecting your loved ones.

Stop being stupid.

Start NOW.

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