Strategies of a New York Times Bestselling Author

I`m not a big fan of the content of Neil Strauss but I respect his effort and his success as an author. In this interview, together with Tim Ferriss Neil Strauss gives some insides for authors how to become a bestselling author. Here are three pieces of advice:

1. Three different types of drafts

So Neil thinks about drafts a little bit different than other authors. The first draft is only for himself; so he`s putting his soul out and writing about all aspects that are important to himself. This is the creative process and you should write about the things that are important to you. The second draft is for the reader; so Neil is thinking from the perspective of his readers and what they are expecting from him. The third draft is for the hater; so what are people going to say who don`t like his book or the topic of the book. These are the three stages of drafts that he is working with.

2. The three no`s: No mail, no phone, no browsing

Maybe this is the hardest thing in our time. We learn to be available every minute of our life. Messages on Whatsapp, Facebook or phone calls are distracting us from our real work. The real work of an author is to write. In order to be focused, you must eliminate everything that is going to distract you. Neil uses a program called Freedom which blocks the time that you`re on the internet. You must just type in how long you want to be free and then the program blocks you from your connection to the internet. Neil also has no access to social media on his computer so that he doesn`t check any messages. Also very important to put your mobile somewhere else then you`re working place. When it comes to Mails there is a specific time where Neil checks his emails in the afternoon. He emphasized that he is NOT checking his emails in the morning which is very important. It is all about being proactive with your time and when you`re checking your emails in the morning you`re reacting to the needs of other people. If you really want to be productive as a writer you must eliminate these three things as much as possible: emails, phone calls and browsing on the internet.

What I do when I write is that I don`t have access to the internet at all. I just skip the connection until I finished the minimum page for this day (which is in the most cases one page). If I don`t have internet access I also can`t check my emails, which is also very valuable for me.

3. Block time

Block time just means that you block specific amounts of time in order to create your art. This can be every day from 8 till 5 or from 6 to 2; it`s up to you. The most important thing is that you schedule this for yourself and stick to it. On Mondays f.e. Neil explained that all his interviews are on this day. From Tuesday to Friday he blocks his writing time for his new books. This is a smart way to be more productive and block your time for the creative process.

Doesn`t matter if you`re starting out or already published books. It is always important to work on your own skills and improve especially your marketing skills as an author. Your focus as an author should not only be on improving your writing skills but also acquire some business skills for yourself. That`s the way how the big author`s get the book contracts from major publishing houses.

Don`t forget that mastering these skills is the most important thing. So, if you would rate your own marketing and selling skills what grade would you give yourself? Is there some room for improvement? If you`re somebody who wants to master these skills you can download my FREE Author-preneur Guide — How to publish, market and sell your book. Just follow this link and download your free copy:

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