Stress the Impending Plauge

How to limit stress by treating people, events, and activities that cause you stress like they have the plague.

Saliba Faddoul
Apr 9, 2019 · 3 min read

Life is filled with a ton of different situations, and the sad reality is that we aren’t going to like everyone that we are put to work with, we aren’t going to enjoy every group we are a part of, and every event is not going to be the party of a lifetime. Yet most of the times we still have to go, still have to stay, and still have to work with that person. Here are three ways to get through a situation that your are not happy with or stressed about.

  1. Limit interaction time with people you don’t like. You may think, oh this person is apart of my team how am I going to limit interaction time? Well don’t argue with the person, don’t bring up ideas you know will spark debate amongst you two, and try to relay your thoughts through another person. There is a difference though between being submissive and calculating. I’m not telling you to submit to the ideas of the loudest or most annoying, I’m telling you to limit your contact. Don’t make unnecessary conversation, and relay your ideas through another. If you don’t like the way the group is going, talk to someone else and convince them the idea you have is good, and that it can help the group. This way you don’t have to argue, discuss, or say anything to the person that brings you stress.
  2. Now there are going to be events that you just don’t want to be at. This is a fact, but if you spend every minute stressed out and saying, “I don’t want to be here,” every minute will feel as if an hour has passed. So for this you have to change your mindset, no I don’t want to be here, but hey that looks fun or maybe I can talk to this person. Try to move yourself out of the mindset that says get me out of here, and instead move it into the ok well I’m here, what can I do.
  3. If you hate the retreat your at or event you are at you can also try the hand sprint. This is the idea that you open and close your hand for a good few minutes. So the concept is based in the idea that you relax when you work out, but you can’t work out in every situation. You can trick your body to think you are working out by opening and closing your hand. At first it may be easy, but two minutes in and suddenly you feel like your doing a workout. It’s going to help you brain focus on something else entirely, and hopefully lower your stress levels.

So we are all going to be somewhere or apart of something that we are not happy with being apart of, but that’s ok because we can deal with it. Try these three tactics next time you don’t want to be somewhere but have to.

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