#Stripped: A Mecca From Modernity?

What would life be like without items you view as essential? Your computer. Your phone. Your television. Hygiene and beauty products. MONEY.

A new televised experiment, Stripped on Bravo, reflects this shift as couples are asked to part with their possessions for 21 days. They are allowed to retrieve a single item per day from a bin located a mile away. At the end of the 21 day journey, participants not only reflect on the experience, but can decide which items are extraneous and could be donated to charity.

In the premiere episode, celebrity stylist and fashion expert Ali Levine-Jacaruso and her husband Justin, an accountant, catalogued 10,000 items which included many of Ali’s clothing and accessories. After the 21 days, they philanthropically gave away a substantial portion to people in need. She and Justin strengthened their bond and credit the elimination of cell phone and television distractions with how much talking they accomplished and quality time they spent as a couple. The result: agreeing that it was time to start their family.

The now-pregnant Ali reflects: “When you work and are devoted to your career, your job can become your baby. Having that time without the distractions of material possessions, time to think about what was truly important, helped me focus and really brought us on the same page about having a baby now. This pregnancy is the biggest blessing to have come out of Stripped.

Stripped airs Tuesday nights at 10PM EST on Bravo.