Struggle Is All About Winning

Dedication Towards Profession Made Her Confident.

When you work hard, you will get what you want — that’s positive spirit enlighten the characteristics of this artist, who is an example for various versatile public performers. Growing up from the city of ornate sandstone architecture, Salamanca in Spain. She was bright student during school days. There is Sahra Ardah, the director of reputed dancing academy named as Academia de Danza Oriental.

Sahra during 2016 International dance festival in Madrid as a Co-Director

Perhaps closer look to her life story and achievements can inspire every individual. Apart from driving an artistic dancing academy, Sahra worked for social cause to help needy people while enabling them for national platform. She is also active into psychology counselling, people development. The clouds of success almost touched Sahra, when she performed at various international dancing events across the globe.

Sahra during 2016 International festival in Israel as a Coach & Performer

Her life was pretty interesting, when she left the job and started her own academy for artist during 2010, right from that decision she made unique benchmarks for upcoming dancers. She woke up with learning desire, faith in God and an aim to excel in whatever she does. She started taking her passion quite seriously. Her courage has rewarded as she started seeing improvements in her life. Her interest towards ‘creating opportunities for deserving talents as an artist’, started to improve. She started too contributing in international belly dancing events. She continued from that point & continuously coaching young talents, did painting, and small choreography assignments to make her living with spirit. Not to deny, she had a great support from her parents & friends.

During Dance festival in Alcoy — Spain in 2016 as a Jury

She has come a long way from desire to become a successful belly dancer/psychologist. Since childhood her family has taught her to work for betterment of society and love and help needy people. With her family’s support, she have completed doctoral degree (PhD in History of Art) awarded by University of Salamanca in 2009. She was always focused on her career and believed that ‘artists’ should work hard to carve a niche for themselves and should build a career to become financially independent. This belief and courageous heart helped her to become an international popular & reputed artist.

Sahra with her team during international dance festival in 2014, Egypt

‘I too had own pains in life. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of difficulties to achieve. Only my family members would know that Sahra was a very fanatical girl for ‘creating platform for artistic minded people, dancing makes me happy decided to give happiness to other people’, Sahra recalls.

Sahra during event in Madrid — Spain as a Host in 2015
Message by the creative & passionate lady, Sahra Ardah:
Love what you do, work with passion, don’t rely on luck, let your luck rely on your work. If you work hard, you can change your luck. Don’t give up, never surrender.