Success is Personal

Perspective is everything

Success means different things to different people. I don’t think that success is necessarily something that is globally defined rather it is something personal, individualized, and something that is evolving for each situation. I do however think there are two important skills needed in order to achieve personal success. They are positive thinking and having a growth mindset.

This is how I do it. I have long days and live in toxic stress pretty much on a day to day basis. After having a day of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, looking ahead at the ever-growing “To Do List”, feeling like I have not accomplished very much…I make a list of all the things that I actually did that day and I find that I did have a successful day! Even through the difficult trials, I still had success. And finding that success helps me go back to work the next day. But I wouldn’t have seen that had I not spent time meditating on this.

How does having a growth mindset help? It works hand in hand with positive thinking. If I believe that I can make a difference with the hard work that I do day to day-then I will put forth that treacherous work and achieve success in my day. If I have thoughts of “I quit , I failed or it’s not working” then I will not accomplish much in my day. Having a growth mindset helps your mind grow, prosper, and learn new ways of thinking and doing things.

It’s a shift in perspectives, it’s being flexible, it’s changing the plans after evaluating what is needed. That helps the positive thinking move along and turn an otherwise unsuccessful event into personal achievement.

I’m a “how to girl”…so I have to include that here for you. How do you grow positive thinking and having a growth mindset? Through daily examination, reflection, evaluation, or review. If I don’t do this daily then I feel bogged down, overwhelmed, and failure. A brief 5 minute meditation can do that for you.

  1. Create Awareness. Think about your day. Review it. What happened.
  2. Be Grateful. Find a moment in your day that you can be thankful for.
  3. Pay Attention. Was there a time in your day you experienced some strong emotions? What were they and how did you react?
  4. Let it Go. Whatever it is…let go of it. Give it to God, your higher power, or visualize yourself breathing it out of your body/mind.
  5. Have hope. What can you look forward to tomorrow?

Sometimes you need some guidance with this through a guided meditation. Here is one for you to try that is based on that concept. 5 Minute Music Based Meditation.