On 3, I want you to step into my consciousness.

You can visit for a moment, or you can hang for awhile; I am safe — and you have access — at the same time. Here’s how this works:

● Close your eyes and imagine your own body, but from just outside. You have now taken the position of your consciousness, because you are more like an antenna than a storage house for information/thoughts.

● Watch yourself ‘think’ and ‘feel’ from a distance, and then float away. When you float away, look around, and proceed to look down.

● After you choose to look down, you’ll see other people, amongst whom you’ll find me; go ahead, dive in. One, two, three… we’re together now. Can you feel me? Do you sense how much I love you?

You’re now thinking ‘as’ me, and you’re visiting my consciousness. We are spending time together, and it’s real. Your imagination is real.

Touch my heart: is it warm? Do you feel it beating? Slow, steady, strong, and passionate. I’m here now, with you, and beating for all of us. We are one giant organism, together.

Each time I feed myself, I feed all of us. Each time I lose my cool, I hurt all of us. I am here, cognizant of who I am, my role — and how it affects others — and taking responsibility for my actions, feelings, moods, and state of consciousness. I am openly inviting you (and others) to visit, understand, and build mutual compassion.

Three, two, one. We’re back.

How was your experience? Who else might you want to visit?

Today’s thought exercise: what do you think happens to your relationships if you consciously spend time with other people — in their consciousnesses — as a daily practice?

If you might prefer to feel like ‘someone’ else — or visit somewhere else — then “switch”. If you’re having trouble seeing another’s perspective, switch; or if you want higher perspective, see them from the Universe-downward.

Sent to you with love, compassion, and gratitude,


Originally published at drkareem.com on September 25, 2017.

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