Take a Power Pause Mid-Year:

Focus Your Life Force on What Matters

“Wisdom requires a pause… I am here to remind you not to fear the pause… some of the most courageous people I know are scared of it, as I have been myself.” — Alice Walker, Nobel Prize Winning Author of The Color Purple

It doesn’t take a brain scientist to know that we each need to slow down, unhook from the frenzied pace of the world and press PAUSE on a consistent basis — daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Yet left to our habits and patterns, we get caught up in the swirl of the world. And instead of creating the space we crave and need to tap into our deeper wisdom and guidance to help us make wise choices and stay centered, we fill up the space with all the people, projects and tasks constantly pulling at us.

One of the big reasons we are so overwhelmed and burned out, and feel so fragmented and frenzied is we’ve let the external world dictate our pace and rob us of our space.

Science is finally proving what yogis and mystics have known for centuries: not only does taking a pause — be it sleep, meditation or a walk in nature — clear your mind and restore your body, if you desire to be a wise leader in your life, work, and family, you must turn off the outside world and tune into a deeper level of insight and knowing that can only be accessed from the inside.

Here’s what timeless wisdom teaches us:

Wisdom requires you to slow down. It doesn’t move at Google speed :0

The mind is limited, your intuition is infinite. When you slow down to access Wisdom, you tap into a larger, infinite field and your own deeper intuition. The intellectual mind can only create what it has seen or experienced before whereas wisdom has the power to guide you to create new possibilities and reality beyond what your mind can imagine.

And… here’s the really important part: Wisdom requires you to invite it in and make the space to hang out. You can’t just crunch it in between conference calls or multi-task it in while driving!

This is why I started practicing the “power pause.”

What is a power pause?

A power pause is an intentional space you create for yourself outside of your day-to-day routine. You press pause on everything ‘out there’ and tap into what is going on INSIDE to listen to yourself — at a heart and soul level. You tap in to ACCESS an expanded level of Wisdom and vision beyond what your mind can imagine.

As a result, you gain some pretty powerful stuff!

· You gain expanded viewpoints — step out of the trees so you can see the entire forest.

· You calm the chatter of your mind where doubt, fear, and busyness run rampant, so you can hear the guidance of your Inner Wisdom.

· You gain access to a deeper level of knowing that illuminates the path ahead.

Not only is taking a power pause smart for your life, it’s smart business and career guidance. Think about it this way — just like a leadership team takes offsites to reflect, vision and make decisions, so you too need your personal offsites at key times during the year. 
I take these Power Pauses four times a year — at what in known as the four ‘turning points’ of the earth’s rhythm and cycles. Spring Equinox (Mar), Summer Solstice (June), Fall Equinox (Sept), and Winter Solstice (Dec). No matter what climate you live in, if you are orbiting through the cosmos on this planet called Earth, you are experiencing these four major shifts.

Most people, however, are unconscious to the shifts and untrained in how to utilize these power times so they miss the super power available for tapping into Wisdom. I definitely never learned about this in my MBA or corporate training.

It’s been through studying the timeless wisdom traditions and applying the wisdom to my modern day life that I’ve learned when we harmonize our lives and work to the natural cycles that match the earth cycles we gain super power.

· We receive insight that empowers us to strengthen our careers, businesses, health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

· We gain clarity on how to spend our energy and resources.

· We gain the ability to stop fragmenting our energy and stretching ourselves too thin, and we start focusing on what matters.

Every June/July, I take a “Power Pause” and lead others to take these power pauses. This year I led a virtual retreat, a one day retreat in Valley of the Moon Wine Country, a 3-hour retreat for a tech company’s Women Leadership team and I just returned from the east coast where I led a weekend retreat for 25 women. They came burned out, overwhelmed and so caught in the swirl they couldn’t even hear their Inner Wisdom. After power pausing, they left clear, radiant and focused.

I invite you to take a mini-power pause.

Tapping in to all the ways you could spend your life force and resources — ask yourself these simple but potent inquiries. They will support you to direct and spend your powerful and precious life force -energy, time, and care — this second half of the year?

1. What really matters to me?

2. What could flourish — in my work, my relationships, and in my personal wellness and growth — if I just focused there?

3. What could drain me, ,my life force and resources?

4. What is it not time for even though I wish it were ?

5. What would I LOVE to create space for this next half of the year?

6. Who do I want to BE and how do I desire to FEEL these next 6 months?

I LOVE doing these power pauses. They are what I call a “super power practice.” And like any practice you have to ‘do’ it. Just pausing these 4 times a year has kept me out of the burnout and overwhelm cycle that is so easy to get caught in. Plus I always receive so much insight and wisdom that takes me beyond what my mind could imagine for myself, my work and my life.

The power pause gives you permission to focus on what matters most, and that can only be good for all that we love and care about, including ourselves.

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