Thank a Helper

A few years back my Mother returned to College to obtain a nursing degree. She had already done her fair share of social work in her younger years but took a break from that to raise my Brother and I. Nursing is an occupation she thoroughly enjoys and I became fascinated with the amount of people she helped throughout her days at work. This led to an observation that really opened my eyes.

After recording exactly how many people she helped in face to face interaction this past week, I was blown away. In five days on the job, my Mother had helped one-hundred and four people. She is one person having a positive impact on a wide variety of people in just five short days.This is not counting the people she impacts through phone calls or outside of her daily work.

My Mother receives three weeks vacation each year and she works her absolute ass off. Although she did tell me she never realized the impact she is having on the people around her, I sure did. After doing some math it is clear that my Mom helps over five-thousand individuals every single year through nursing. FIVE-THOUSAND! My Mom has always been the person to offer a helping hand and she doesn’t expect anything but respect in return.

I challenge all of you to find The Helper in your life and simply thank them. Words cannot express how proud I am of my Mother and everyone else who carries this positive attitude. We are often so caught up in the craziness of life to even realize the helpers around us and that must change. There are individuals like my Mother all around us and they deserve to receive our respect. Today is a great day to thank the helpers in our lives and open our eyes to the positivity around us.