The 10 Questions I Have for TEDx Presenters

Part of: Bucket List: Give a TEDx Talk.

One of the best ways to do things you’ve never done is to ask great questions of people that HAVE done it. So today I’m putting together a list of 10 questions that I’m then going to send out to 10 TEDx presenters that shared an idea that really touched me.

  1. Have you shared your idea before or was TEDx your first time sharing that particular idea?
  2. Did you find and apply to TEDx or did the organizers reach out to you?
  3. What did you think or feel as you found out you were selected?
  4. Did you have a speaking coach?
  5. How did you practice?
  6. Are you hoping to do another one?
  7. Did your TEDx create new opportunities?
  8. What has the reaction been like?
  9. Would you do anything differently to prepare?
  10. How has your idea evolved since your TEDx?

Next up in this series will hopefully be some responses! I’m super excited to be spending the day tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28th watching the Live Stream from a TEDx event in Lincoln Square — hopefully you can tune in too!