The 3 Golden Rules Of Productivity Brian Goldstein

Here are the 3 golden rules of productivity to help you effectively crush it!

Brian Goldstein is usually answering emails, emails, attending meetings, traveling, or planning months in advance. Brian runs multiple successful businesses while maintaining personal life relationships. Many entrepreneurs glance over and think “how in the world does that guy do it?” His secret is becoming an efficient productive hustle machine! But it wasn’t always like this. Days can get dull and Brian has to motivate himself. The life of massive success is not all not all sprinkles and glitter. So how does Brian prevail on days like these?

Important Emails and Calls Come First

A very productive trend among successful entrepreneur is answering emails and returning calls before they head off to the office. “A normal day starts with answering urgent emails and returning phone calls before I even get out of bed” said Brian.

The reason being is because by not following this rule many entrepreneurs lose out on amazing opportunity and productivity. Imagine an important CEO emailing you about grabbing coffee because he is in town for the day, an employee found a solution to a time-sensitive problem, and you didn’t check your email until the end of the day. The most productive hack is to right away knock out all the important urgent matters.

Knocking your most important tasks out first thing everyday, and clearing them from your pile of work will set a “victory tone” for the rest of your week.

What comes after you answered all the important emails and calls?


I then have meetings with management at the office to review any issues that I need to address urgently and get updates on how everything is running.

I do my best to have weekly in person meetings with various business partners or, at a minimum, a weekly call to make sure we are still on track and to see if any projects are delayed or any issues that we can plan ahead to avoid.” said Brian.

A huge golden rule to being more productive and effectively running multiple business is delegating task to others. As you see Brian has meeting with his team everyday. Brian gives them work and then manages the team because if someone else can do your work, let them. At some point you will have to delegate. The work will be finished, but your time, your most valuable asset, will be freed up leaving room for other matters.

When delegating it’s super important to hold meeting to keep yourself and the team up to date on what’s going on.

Managing Your Time Months In Advance

With so many happening at once it’s important to plan ahead. It’s important to be organized and know what’s going on. When a company is doing a launch they are already working three months ahead. It maybe a monday but they are working on what’s going to happen on Friday.

Brian mentioned “My calendar is usually planned out 4–6 months in advance. I do my best to always keep a calendar organized with detailed notes of what’s going on and where all the time.

Before ending my week I am always planning out the following weeks meetings, goals, and tasks to complete so I am always thinking ahead. I am a very detailed oriented person which I believe has helped me to be able to manage and focus and be a part of so many different types of companies.”


Knock out the important emails and calls before you get out of bed in doing so you’re setting a victory tone for the rest of the day. Then you manage your team and keep up with what’s going on. With the most important tasks already completed you have time to make sure your team is performing at their highest level. Then with task and goals planned out months ahead you can easily measure progress without going insane.