The Accident | Part 4 of 4

My manager looked up from her computer and said, “Oh Sarah, I didn’t want you to leave in the first place. I love having you here! Enjoy the evening with your family.” She always seemed to know the right things to say.

Paying a higher rent for a few months started to become impossible. Anything that could save money we were trying, even if it was extremely inconvenient. I just had to make it to the spring to pass the test at work for a raise. Then, we could afford to pay for a new lease at another place.

A few weeks before the test, my husband told me his co-worker was being transferred out of state. They had a farm about a mile away and wanted to know if we were interested in buying it. My first reaction was we can’t afford that. But when we let them know, they explained that they would be open to a rent to own agreement. They needed to leave quickly and were focused on getting someone in fast to cover the mortgage payments. Everything else could be worked out later. The rent they were asking for was low enough that we could afford.

After hearing all of the details, it seemed silly to pass up this opportunity. To own our own home seemed so unattainable and not on our radar for a few years. Instead of waiting years, this changes the whole thing. We are now waiting a few months.

I didn’t know anything about living on a farm but this was the kind of experience we wanted for our family. A life change that we can learn from and grow together. We signed the lease to move in at the end of the following month. Soon after, my husband started his new position at his job and I passed my test.


Moving day was so exciting! I had a feeling of contentment that hadn’t been around for a while. Things were falling in place. Not the way I planned but it felt right.

We had a housewarming party after our stuff was moved in from the old place. All of our family and friends came to support us and bless our new home. We had a moment of silence for Stacy’s sister after dinner. Then we all sat outside in the backyard to watch the sunset across our acres of beautiful farmland. Stacy sat next to me. We talked about how much we had been through together in such a short time. He said, “ Sarah without realizing it , you are taking that journey we talked about in the coffee shop. You were searching for something that had already found you. It was just waiting for the right time to show up.”

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Originally published at on February 28, 2018.