The Almosts

The most intriguing people I’ve ever met are “The Almosts”. The ones that are always a couple steps away, so close. Fear, excuses, lack of confidence plagues the ambition I suppose. Majority would say , “I don’t wanna be classified with those.” But if you really observe and take mental notes, they are the ones who promote the most hope. Why give up when you’re near the finish line? The story of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind. Inevitably, the hare was the undisputed favorite to win the race. Meanwhile, the tortoise was just in the way to occupy space. The hare coasted along with losing in the back of his brain. As the hare approached the finish line, he decided to nap and showed the tortoise disdain. The tortoise stayed in his lane and didn’t complain. As the story unfolds, the tortoise was waiting for the hare at the end. We have all met people along the way that were dealt a good hand. Family well off with big house/luxurious cars, tuition payed off, and for some it gave them a reason to take a day off. But the ones who came from nothing; momma struggling, father left, always moving and job hunting; the blood, sweat and tears results in a consumption of hustling that turns nothing into something. Unlikely to prevail, maybe end up in jail, blinded by society’s criticism and feeling derailed. The “Almosts” face divine appointments and divine anointments. Overcame the odds and built up enough sense to sense nonsense. The best stories are the underdogs who made an impact with their sacrifices and commitments. It won’t happen instantly. Believe in your craft and work consistently. If this sounds like you, then you are considered part of “The Almosts.” Keep going with no days off, I promise you are close.

Image courtesy of Unsplash