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The Art of Doing Nothing

Productivity Hack: How to increase your efficacy.

Most of us are quiet familiar with how to grow and nurture plants. We need good soil, seeding, appropriate manure, the right amount of light and water, and a certain amount of waiting. We are familiar with the idea of ‘waiting’ for nurturing, when it comes to biological growth. Yet, when we pursue our material growth, how many of us connect our hunt for results, with nurturing or waiting?

We are conditioned to regard our pursuit of goals with battles and war games. Therefore, we tend to adopt a ‘machine-gun’ approach or a ‘sniper’ strategy in engaging with our hurdles and targets. As a result, we tend to react more, and even our responsive measures are designed to conquer and win. So what happens when we encounter the disagreeable or painful shadow of waiting when it is a part of any goal, that involves growth? Further how many of us think of it as something that needs a conscious engagement?

So, when we encounter an indeterminate period of waiting, our first reaction is typically of impatience. Impatience then gives rise to doubts. Doubts often lead us to insecurity and resultant negativity. That can further takes us to reactivity, or damaging actions from our end. Ever think of over-watering or over-manuring? What would happen to the germinating seed ?

When we encounter a wait period, we also have an assumed expectation of nurturing time, that is so often implied or subconscious. We all have an ‘expected’ time of ripening, whether spelt out or not. Based on that expectation, we are also likely to have taken forward sequential action, in our penchant to optimize results. Then what? The fruit is not ripe enough, but we have to pluck it off.

So, what does one do during the wait period ?

(via ConsciousLeap)

Have you ever considered a possibility of ‘doing nothing’ during the waiting period of any result? It sounds very zen-like, but doing nothing could be the best thing to do, during times when our goals are maturing. There are periods when we give our best, and then there are those moments when we let go. Let the universe take over. We have to learn to recognise such periods, when we do not tinker around with the process of growth. That’s the way to improve the productivity during such phases — by doing nothing. It will come easier and more easier with practised awareness.

If doing nothing unsettles you as a personality, how about doing anything that keeps you off a negative zone? Maybe some meditation, hobbies, entertainment? If you can’t do that as well, how about pursuing some other goals during the same period of time? There are ample ways to get more productivity, just by keeping away at the right time.