The Art of Giving Up

Sports, projects, relationships, friendships, dreams.


These are all wonderful parts of life, but we often give up on them too quickly. Today, I want you to dig deep for that inspiration to fight for something that won’t come easy. Some of the best moments in life come after we pass the inner test that we assign ourselves. Don’t fall short any longer.

Giving up may seem easy, but the payoff can be worth your while. Even when you reach a goal and have some left in the tank, keep going. For example, next time you are on a run and reach your mile mark, push on for a bit longer. Or, next time you are in an argument, try and end it on a positive note instead of tossing it to the side.

When life changes and circumstances don’t go your way, adjust instead of giving up. Nothing goes as planned and shouldn’t that be part of the plan? We often fall so short of the expectations we set and I believe this is due to the art of giving up.

The only person stopping you is you. No matter how cliche that sounds, it’s true. If people are often voicing negativity around you, start wearing headphones and focus in. Giving up may be in each direction, but that doesn’t mean there’s a not way around it.